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    Jamie Hyneman's 'Arborist' Quadcopter Test

    While Adam's interest in quadcopters is from a photography and cinematography perspective, Jamie can't help but think of other potential applications for RC multi-rotors. For example, using a quad for landscaping work on otherwise unreachable foliage. We head out to a remote location to safely test Jamie's modification, with some surprising results and lessons learned. Definitely don't try this at home.

    Jamie Hyneman's Robot Racing Spiders: Postmortem

    At the conclusion of the Robot Racing Spiders project, we check in with Jamie to talk about what went right and wrong with this experiment. Jamie walks us through the mechanics of the spider build, how his design was implemented, and what he didn't expect to happen.

    Jamie's Racing Spiders, Episode 3: The Test

    It's an exercise in troubleshooting as Jamie and the Kernerworks crew try various last-minute tweaks to the not-quite-operational spiders in order to make them race-ready the next day. For additional behind-the-scenes footage, Jamie's original build notes and project photos, click here.

    Jamie's Racing Spiders, Episode 2: The Build

    Just before leaving for his tour in Australia, a delighted Jamie stops by Kernerworks to see an early comp of his racing spiders design in action for the first time. For additional behind-the-scenes footage, Jamie's original build notes and project photos, click here.

    Why I Built Robotic Racing Spiders

    When Evernote approached Adam and me and offered to support us in building anything we wanted, I suggested we make something that would never otherwise get made. Something that was unusual, that nobody in their right mind would take the trouble to do. Something I would build, just because I can!

    And the first thing that came to mind was to build big spiders that would be super fast and use a tendon-like system to pull the legs around. I would use synthetic fibers that were ultra light but stronger than steel, and guide them with pulleys. Lots of pulleys. I mean, with cables and pulleys you can lift tremendous weights. While we did not need to move lots of weight in this case, I figured that the load on pulling something like a leg around really fast can be huge, and break normal mechanical things.

    So I designed these spiders with all this in mind. Unfortunately, I wasn't going to be able to build them entirely myself because I was going on tour in Australia with Adam. I decided to engage the services of what used to be the Industrial Light & Magic model shop -- now they’ve formed a company called Kernerworks -- and use Evernote to manage and keep tabs on the project from the road! Through our back and forth, we documented the whole process of building the spiders, because this kind of thing is all about the process.

    You don’t really need racing spiders, but trying to make them can be really rewarding. We wanted to show that, and thanks to Evernote, I think we succeeded.

    Jamie's Racing Spiders, Episode 1: The Pitch

    When given the opportunity by Evernote to build anything he wants, Jamie chooses a complicated exercise in engineering that he's mulled for years: racing robotic spiders. But the project comes at a time when Jamie and Adam will be abroad, so it's Evernote and a solutions shop called Kernerworks to the rescue. For additional behind-the-scenes footage, Jamie's original build notes and project photos, click here.

    Tested: The Show — Jamie Hyneman's Racing Spiders Project

    Jamie takes the stage at our live show to introduce his Racing Spiders project, an experiment in implementing a new linkage system that has never been tested before. Instead of individual motors responsible for each of the mechanical spider's legs, Jamie's design is powered by just two motors. The movement is mesmerizing!

    Jamie Hyneman Walks Through Comic-Con 2014

    While Adam walks through Comic-Con every year in costume, Jamie has other strategies for getting across the convention floor efficiently. This year, he tests a new technique to avoid getting mobbed: saying 'yes' to everyone.

    Jamie Hyneman's High-Pressure Air Gun

    We stop by Jamie's shop to learn about his newest tool: a high-pressure air gun that can fire less-than-lethal rubber shots for riot control. It's like a really powerful paintball gun. Jamie demonstrates the cannon's various settings, and then tests it with a different kind of ammunition.

    Jamie Hyneman's Hitchhiking Survival Story

    Recently, Jamie did an AMA on Reddit. There were some good questions left over, so he picked a few to give video answers to over the next several weeks. This week, he answers a question from user fivesienta: "How did you survive on your own when you left home to hitchhike across the country when you 14?"

    Ask Jamie: On Electronics and Microcontrollers

    In this episode of Ask Jamie, a viewer wants to know why you never see Jamie and Adam using microcontrollers on Mythbusters. Jamie talks about the machines they've built using traditional electronics, as well as his general approach to learning new skills.

    Ask Jamie: Interest in Russian Linguistics

    In this episode of Ask Jamie, a viewer inquires about Jamie's degree in Russian Linguistics. Jamie talks about why it made sense to him to study Russian during the cold war, gives some recommendations for interesting Russian literature, and shares what he's reading these days. If you have something to ask Jamie, email with "Questions for Jamie" in the subject line!