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    Calling All Totoros for San Diego Comic-Con!

    For this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Adam and the Tested team want to meet up with Totoro cosplayers and walk the floor in costume! We invite Totoro costume maker Adam Quinones to the cave to try on and borrow his costume for the meetup. What's the collective noun for a group of Totoros? A neighborhood of Totoros, perhaps? To participate, post below and we'll get in touch!

    Ask Adam Anything: Not Giving Up on Projects

    Every week, Adam takes a question from the Tested Premium Member community in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answers here. This week, Adam talks about his own unfinished projects, how he finds the motivation to continue working on them, and what he turns to when he hits a wall in progressing on a build.

    Ask Adam Anything: Home Improvements

    Every week, Adam takes a question from the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answer them for the Tested member community. This week, Adam answers a question about his personal home improvement projects.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: 1000 Shot Nerf Blaster!

    Adam picks up a Nerf Rival blaster, and upgrades it with a custom magazine to hold a THOUSAND soft plastic Nerf balls. Watch as Adam builds the new magazine from scratch, uses kit-bashing to detail the blaster, and adds more upgrades like the bi-pod and laser. And to test this massive rig, Adam sets his sights on some prehistoric prey! Life finds a way!

    Ask Adam Anything: Drawing for Leisure

    We're bringing back Ask Adam Anything segments! Every week, Adam will take a question from the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answer them for the Tested member community. This week's question is about Adam's personal drawings for fun and leisure.

    Adam Savage's New Warcraft Armor!

    Adam is obsessed with movie armor, and he finally has a full set of armor made by the incredible craftspeople of Weta Workshop. This Alliance Knight armor was made for the movie Warcraft, and is part of many pieces of armor and beautiful props going on auction. Adam is awestruck by the detail here!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Snub-Nosed Blade Runner Blasters!

    Adam puts together a beautiful Blade Runner-inspired snub-nosed blaster kit! Both Norm and Adam both work on their kits, each taking a different approach to the paint and finish. Adam goes one step further by adding machined metal parts to his blaster, giving it a brilliant look and some real heft. The blasters turned out amazing!

    Adam Savage needs your help for his next build!

    This June, Adam's going to the first ever Nation of Makers conference in Sante Fe! And while he's there, he'll be working on a unique build: a 6-foot tall statue of Rosie the Riveter, comprised of over 2,500 3D-printed parts. We need your help printing those parts! Find out how to contribute to this build here!

    What's Adam Working On?

    I was just in Adam's shop and he's hard at work at his lathe. Any guesses as to what he's working on? (Side note: He has black smudges all over his face, too.)

    Adam Savage Incognito as the Knights of Ren!

    For Adam's first incognito costume of the year, he teams up with propmaker Darrell Maloney (aka Broken Nerd) to become two of the Knights of Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Without much reference material, Adam and Darrell relish the opportunity to bring these mysterious characters to life in cosplay.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom Workbench LED Lamp!

    While working on a recent prop project, Adam realizes that he needed better lighting for his workshop bench, and embarks on building a custom light rig for illuminating his builds. Using off-the-shelf parts like an affordable LED light panel, Adam wires up this versatile bench lamp that can be positioned precisely where he needs it!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foam Ringwraith Gauntlet!

    This week's One Day Build is a collaboration with new Tested contributor Bill Doran, aka Punished Props! Bill visits Adam's workshop to help make a replica of Adam's Ringwraith Gauntlets using thin sheets of foam, showing the versatility and accessibility of this popular cosplay material! Watch Bill's paint-up of this build here.

    Tested in 2017: Adam Savage's Favorite Things!

    To wrap up the year, Adam shares a few of his favorite things he discovered this year, including a beautiful miniature cityscape model, a few tools, a Star Wars collectible, and a favorite jacket! Thanks for watching our videos and we'll see you in 2018. Happy new year!