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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Car Seat Dog Bed!

    For an upcoming road trip, Adam will be joined by his dog Maggie, who is a delightful travel companion. To help her better enjoy the long drive, Adam makes a custom fitted dog bed platform that fits over the folded seat of his car! It's a build that begins with cardboard prototyping and transforms sheets of plywood into a beautifully bolstered doggie bed!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Trammel Points and Rotape Beam Compass!

    Adam's shown some tools for drawing small circles on work materials, but what if you need to draw a very large circle? Here are two tools to help with that: a set of trammel points that you can clamp onto any length of wood, and a novel device called a Rotape that combines an adjustable tape measure with a drawing compass! Adam demonstrates how to use each of these, and now you too can draw large circles!

    Adam Savage's ILM Modelshop Greeblie!

    Adam shares a memento from his ILM modelshop days: a cast piece of a complex kitbashed greeblie he made for Star Wars Attack of the Clones! We hear about how Adam made this piece, what set piece it was used for, and its versatility in providing surface detail for a variety of miniature scales.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Planer and Spindle Sander Station!

    Adam's workshop organization project today involves creating a perfectly-fitted storage platform for his wood planer and orbital spindle sander. These are tools that are used infrequently in the shop, but still need to be easily accessed and stored--and Adam found the perfect place for them under his table saw. Additionally, Adam modifies his planer to work with his shop's dust collector by making a magnetically attached hose adapter!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: New Sewing Machine Station!

    Adam welcomes a new sewing machine into his workshop--a powerful Sailrite LSZ-1--by building out a custom table setup for it to include organizational drawers and rolling casters. It's an upgrade based on the workflow Adam developed for his previous sewing station, and Adam breaks in the new machine by making a heavy duty canvas dust cover for it!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Socket Driver Adapters!

    Adam shows off two sets of tools that helps him fast: a hex shank adapter that connects his drill/driver to any socket in your standard socket set, and hex drivers that fit any imiperial or metric hex bolts. Combined with any standard driver/drill, these are essential for tasks like putting together flat packed furniture!

    Adam Savage's Very First Lightsaber Prop Replica!

    In his journey recreating his favorite film props, Adam has made many lightsabers. But this machined replica of Luke's lightsaber was Adam's first foray into prop replication using reference photos he took of the original. He made this in Jamie's shop over 25 years ago after seeing the prop in a touring Star Wars exhibition. And even though it is far from a perfect replica, it holds up as capturing the essence of the prop and the gratifying experience of making the prop his own.

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Spilled Sortimo Storage Box Sorting!

    Adam has long kept his workshop hardware organized and stored in his favorite Sortimo storage boxes, and we've always wondered what would happen if one of these cases falls off the rack and spills. It finally happened, and Adam recruits a surprise guest to help him sort the many hundreds of machine bolts and get them back in the case, a project that ends up taking many weeks!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Thread Tapping Guide Block!

    Adam shows you how to make a tapping guide block to help make perfectly aligned screw and bolt threads reliably and with ease. It's a handy accompaniment to the tap set you may have in your own shops, and something that may save you from breaking taps or bolts in the future. Adam dives into the ins and outs of thread tapping, common pitfalls, and his favorite tips and techniques for using these essential tools!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Brass Watering Can!

    For his wife's birthday, Adam makes from scratch a brass watering can for tending to their succulent garden! It's going to involve a wide range of brass working techniques to piece it together from raw sheets and tubes, from the engineering of the form to the machining and soldering of parts together to make it actually functional. And by the end, it becomes a beautiful bespoke gardening tool!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Upgrading Captain America Shield!

    Adam makes an aesthetic upgrade to his Captain America Winter Soldier shield replica, which involves an aluminum cutting technique he learned in his early BattleBots fabrication days! Follow along as Adam uses a router and template to carve a large ring of aluminum--a quick and efficient solution to a large piece of metal cutting!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Artificial Catgut Sinew

    Adam opens out his leatherworking cabinet to talk about one of his favorite materials used in the construction of his Indiana Jones bullwhip replica. Every maker should have some waxed twine in their string drawer, but Adam prefers using super strong artificial catgut sinew for low profile wrapping of projects where the twine doesn't bulk up. And one spool of it will probably last you a lifetime!

    Adam Savage Cosplays the Outbreak Hazmat Suit!

    Adam is giddy with joy to try on this fantastic replica of the hazmat suit from Outbreak, made by suit fabricator Ryan Nagata! It's also appropriate as it's one of the first videos we're filming with a crew in the cave, and Ryan has designed the suit to actually provide some level of air circulation and filtration. Follow Ryan on Instagram for more of his incredible builds!

    Adam Savage Finishes Sorting His LEGO Collection!

    Adam completes an organizational journey that began at the beginning of this lockdown: sorting and storing his modest LEGO collection! Using this favorite ArtBin storage boxes, Adam finally has cleared off the cave's pool table of his foamcore LEGO boxes. What a rewarding exercise in shop organization!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom Workshop Apron!

    Adam makes his ideal workshop apron from scratch in today's build, after having recently discovered the joys of working with a shop apron in the cave. Made of leather and waxed canvas, this apron addresses all of Adam's tool carrying needs with streamlined pocket arrangements, durable straps, and is fitted for his own body. Follow along to learn how you can pattern and sew your own apron, and we'd love to see how you carry your tools while working in your own shops!

    Adam Savage's Miniature Model from A.I. Artificial Intelligence!

    Adam shares one of his contributions to the practical filming models for Steven Spielberg's A.I. film, made while working in the ILM model shop. This tiny office set was used for one of the motion-controlled flight scenes toward the end of the film, when the characters are flying through the post-apocalyptic New York ruins. Adam talks about the making of these pieces, including one part he's particularly proud of!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Letter Stamp Holder!

    Adam's been so proud of some of his recent projects that he's affixing brass labels to them engraved and stamped with the build date and his signature. But his collection of metal letter stamps is all over the place, so it's time to build a holder and storter for them! The approach to this build is an example of Adam's philosophy of optimal organizational strategy for both storage and ease of use, as well as futureproofing for future additions to the tool collection!

    Ask Adam: What's Your Favorite Helmet?

    In this Ask Adam, Adam Savage addresses Bo Chappell's question: "I noticed you're obsessed with helmets much like myself. What are your top three space and non space helmets? And is there a helmet that isn't in your collection you wish you had?" Ask your NEW questions for Adam in the comments below!