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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Refridgerated Cooling Suit!

    One of Adam's longstanding cosplay goals is finding a way to stay cool under his costumes while wearing them all day. He's tried a variety of cool suits and hacked-togethered water-circulation units, and today he enlists the help of engineer and scientist Kipp Bradford to build a compact refridgeration system that he can wear. In fact, the system they build is a replica of the cooling unit in the spacesuit simulator used in NASA's HI-SEAS experiment!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Mystery Stone Head

    This week's show and tell from the cave is inspired by a question from viewers--some of you watching Adam's builds have noticed a mysterious stone head in the back of the cave and wondered about its origin. Adam takes that piece of decor off the back wall and reveals that it's a piece of set decor from an episode of Mythbusters!

    Adam Savage's Chewbacca Display Case!

    Adam dives into his love of making boxes and display cases for the objects he builds and collects. These boxes are Adam's way of interacting with the props, costumes, and model miniatures in the cave--a way to contribute to their worldbuilding. And one of the Adam's favorite cases is the one he made for his Chewbacca cosplay mask!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Safety Visor

    Safety glasses are an essential part of every workshop, and Adam takes issue with the design of those that don't fit well over his glasses. Enter this full-face visor, which Adam was inspired to seek out after seeing them used as a piece of costuming on the TV show Westworld! These sci-fi looking goggles have a great fit and wide near-field visibility--they're by far Adam's favorite safety glasses!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Thermal Detonator Kit!

    Adam makes use of his new soldering station setup in this assembly of a beautiful Star Wars Thermal Detonator replica prop kit from KR Sabers/One Replicas. Not only is it a beautiful chrome metal kit, but it's designed to work with an intricate electronics system for lights and sound effects! Adam has a blast putting it together and problem-solving through the process!

    Adam Savage's Dream Diary Sculpture

    Adam shares the story of one of his favorite sculptures from his past: The Somnambulist's Travel Kit. It contains an artificially aged book that Adam used to chronicle his dreams for months, along with other artifacts that would live alongside that tome. And as Adam explains, it took an accidental discovery for this sculpture to reach its potential as a piece of art.

    Adam Savage's Nailer and Stapler Storage Rack

    In this tale from the cave, Adam recaps a recent weekend build he couldn't resist making: a storage rack for his collection of favorite staplers and nailers. From his trusty T50 staple gun to pneumatic staplers that he's been favoring lately, these shelves needed to hold nailers of all sizes. And that's where Adam ran into an unexpected problem. Let's hear him tell the story!

    Adam Savage Reveals What's Left of the Original Buster!

    Adam shows off something special from his collection: four pieces of the very first Buster used in Mythbusters. Here's the story of how Adam found that first crash test dummy to test on the show, how it was destroyed, and where the pieces ended up over the years.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Poker Table!

    Adam has previously shown his replica poker chips set from the movie Rounders, and now he needs a proper poker table as well. This One Day Build is just that: a custom poker table that fits atop the circular podcast table in the cave! Making this 47-inch diameter table has Adam bringing out a bunch of power tools in the shop, cutting the wood in interesting ways to get this distinct form.

    Adam Savage's Custom Captain America Cosplay Storage Case!

    When Adam gets a new costume, he imagines how that character would store and travel with it in-universe. For his new Captain America suit, that question found its answer in a modified aluminum travel case that Adam found and customized. And he couldn't be more thrilled with how it ended up!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Dinosaur Skull Lamp!

    One of Adam's favorite objects in the cave is his life-size T-Rex skull, which hangs above the shop's pool table. He's long wanted to hide a fitted lamp inside that skull, which is today's One Day Build! This project falls into the category of quick and dirty builds that allows Adam to work fast and cut a few corners to get the results he wants as efficiently as possible!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Labelmaker

    You know those little square black power transformers that come with nearly every new electronic you get? We call them “Wall Warts”. The problem is that they often don’t have written down on them which device it charges. That's why every single new adapter that comes into Adam's house gets a small label made for it, describing exactly what electronic thing it belongs to. These label makers can make very small labels (Adam puts his name on all camera equipment in unobtrusive spots) or larger and colorful labels depending on the make and model you want to invest in.

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Model Shop Archive Props!

    Adam brings out a few pieces from his prop archive, including set pieces and test casting from his days working at the ILM model shop. Each piece has its own story about how Adam fabricated it or how it ended up in his collection--little pieces of practical effects history.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Rickshaw Carriage!

    When you marry Adam Savage's mission to explore Spot's skillset with his longstanding desire to build a rickshaw, you get... well, THIS. Note: Adam was SO excited to build this carriage, he worked on it nights and weekends, but happily captured what we couldn't in time-lapse.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: A Fake Can of Beans!

    Adam helps out his friend, writer Amber Ruffin, who recently tweeted a photo of her couch leg replaced with a can of kidney beans. To help give her couch some support, Adam replicates that can out of a piece of poplar wood, making use of some of his favorite woodworking tools in the shop. The replica looks pretty convincing!

    Adam Savage Opens His 2019 Reddit Secret Santa Gift!

    It's Christmas in January, as Adam opens his gift from his Secret Santa, reddit user Leigero. It's a super interactive, cool and thoughtful present too, as you'll see, which is why this unboxing video is 11 minutes long. Thank you, Leigero!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Machinist Squares

    Everyone has some kind of 90-degree angle square in their shop, but Adam advocates for a specific kind of square: the 4” machinist’s square. They allow for fine and delicate layout on small parts, something a big honking 12” square will have trouble with. Adam has them in multiple sizes going down to 3/4” long (super tiny!) but if you had to have only one, get the 4”!