Podcasts lacking in audio quality, levels uneven

Created by tommyvercetti99 on Oct. 9, 2017, 2:17 p.m.
  • Hi Tested crew!

    I have been a big fan of Tested from the start, particularly the podcasts, which I used to follow rigorously, never missing an episode.

    I write "used to", since I find myself not listening to them so often anymore. The reason is not lack of interesting content and intelligent conversations. No, my criticism is strictly audio quality, and particularly the audio levels which have become very uneven in the past year or so. I like to listen to your podcasts while driving, but the uneven audio levels are making it very difficult. In order to hear the most quiet phrases I have to crank up the volume really high, and then experience a shock when someone suddenly speaks up. I usually end up tiring of this and switch to some other podcast after a few minutes. I own one of the most quiet cars on the market, with a really, really high end audio system, so there is nothing wrong with my listening environment.

    Other podcasts I follow are much better in this area. Please see if you can up your game a bit in the audio engineering department, perhaps use some compression and limiting.

    Also, some of your podcast music has a very strange mix, sounding very "tinny", almost completely lacking bass. I suspect the person who mixed it used some bass heavy monitoring speakers or headphones, thus ruining the mix for everyone with more neutral audio systems. This is really a minor criticism. Fix the audio levels and I will be very happy.

  • Yeah there have been some issues with audio recently, both in podcasts and in some videos. I've almost entirely stopped listening to their podcasts in fact, though that has more to do with content and less with quality.