Why is the TESTED subscription so Shit?

Created by ZooTv77 on July 1, 2016, 8:31 p.m.
  • @EarthenPony: but where did that idea/expectation come from? when you browse tested without being logged in as a premium member, you still get to see the premium content: every post with the blue premium banner thingie. that's it. if there were more, or other premium posts, they'd show up on the main site too, even for non-premium members.

    you can even browse tested.com/premium and see *only* the premium posts you get access to. all the grievances like the premium emails never really taking off and still being advertised i can understand, but i feel the amount and type of premium videos is something they are exceedingly clear about.

  • @gekitsu: Let's be realistic here, how many people do you really think check all the content before they buy? When I watch a free tested video and Norm or Will or Adam imply that there is "much more" for premium, I expect that there will be much more content. There isn't. There is not much variety and as others have already said, the existing content is very over hyped.

  • @EarthenPony: when a common and reasonable approach to buying things is unrealistic enough that you believe you have a legitimate reason to be pissed at tested instead of yourself, i don't know what to say.

  • @gekitsu: Who said I was pissed? Please do not put words in my mouth. I clearly stated that I do not regret spending the $40. Just a little disappointed.

  • @EarthenPony: oops, overshot there. sorry. the whole thing just reminded me too much of all the stories like woman suing mcdonalds because they didn't inform her coffee was hot, and people being upset a shared-universe game doesn't implement sharing of the universe exactly as they imagined it. and that's what gets me pissed and then things like that happen.

    i guess there's a moral for both of us in there, about not buying/posting things without checking beforehand with a cool head? ;)

  • @gekitsu: Just a wildly digressive tip re: checking things out in detail before committing... the McDonalds coffee lawsuit is a terrible example of frivolous lawsuits. She didn't sue them because the coffee was hot and she wasn't informed (the cups already carried a warning), she sued for medical costs and the jury awarded her compensatory and punitive damages. Her claim was not related to a lack of warning, but to the needless risk of injury caused by McDonalds' policy on coffee temperature. At the temperature McDonalds serves coffee in the US, it can cause third-degree burns in two seconds. They claim this is necessary because people who buy coffee at drivethroughs wait a few minutes on average before they start drinking.

    The 79-year old woman in the case received third degree burns, was hospitalized for eight days to receive skin-grafts and required follow up medical care for two years. McDonalds offered her an $800 settlement to cover $10,000 in medical bills.

  • @kim_a: it's astounding how little of that made it to the news over here. while there's still enough matter of discussion in the case as is (whether or not coffee served at comparable temperatures to other places constitutes something the company should be held liable for), it's a far cry from the commonly told gist of 'woman buys coffee, burns herself, can sue for damages because has not been told that hot beverage is, in fact, hot.'

    even our public tv/radio news told it as such, and with their funding being secured anyway, you'd think they wouldn't have anything to gain from reframing a story like that.

  • However, it should be noted that the lady burned herself because she took the top off the coffee while holding it in between her thighs to mix in sugar and cream, and in doing so managed to pour the entire cup into her lap. The lawsuit claimed that McDonald's was at fault because it serves its coffee at 180 to 190 degrees F. Tested is known for having lots of coffee experts - what temperature is coffee supposed to be served at? Everything I've read has said most folks prefer it around 175 degrees F. Does anyone think the lawsuit would NOT have happened if McDonald's had served 175 degree coffee vice 180 degree coffee? Does anyone really think that pouring an entire cup of 175 degree coffee into your lap (while wearing sweatpants) wouldn't STILL result in severe burns?

    It's still a reasonable example of a frivolous lawsuit. How McDonald's, an "evil" corporation, was somehow found liable for this lady being stupid enough to pour coffee all over her own lap (and not just a little bit - the ENTIRE CUP) - I have no idea. Had she tried to drink the coffee and then received the injuries, that would have been one thing, but as it stands I would say she won the most stupid points out of the entire ordeal (followed close behind by the lawyer who represented her and the jury who sided with her).

    Or is McDonald's just supposed to automatically cover the medical costs for anyone who pours coffee into their lap?

    Of course, even given this information it has nothing to do with someone complaining about the lack of quality on Premium Videos at Tested. Seriously - you could have a fun time making a drinking game where you take a shot every time Norm plugs "great Premium content" that they're working on.

    Communication simply isn't their strong suit. I mean, I've seen several folks (including myself) asking "where the hell is Simone?" I get that there were delays in getting her settled, but there's nothing wrong with short posts or messages or videos that COMMUNICATE what the hell is going on. Seriously.

  • I will say that "stupid" was too harsh. I retract all uses of the word "stupid" in my last post. Replace with foolish or clumsy or whatever might be appropriate.

  • I am just happy to support a group of people that enjoy what they do and produce great content; whether that goes onto Youtube, the website or into paywall video. It is a small team and we cannot expect hundreds of hours of premium video per month.

    Long Live Tested :)

  • I don't expect hundreds of hours of premium content. But 2,5 month without new premium content and no comment from the team is an absolute NO GO.
  • @wir43: There's new premium videos out now on their Arctic trip.

  • Over 6 months now with no HD on the premium player... :(

  • Yeah I'd love to watch all this great new footage they got on their trip in something better than 360P resolution. They've known the player is broken for ages, it cannot be that hard to fix.

  • I tried the Microsoft Edge browser today, HD streaming works for all the premium content I've checked so far.