Apple fanboy considering android tablet. Little help?

Created by JamesNZ on Sept. 6, 2015, 12:13 a.m.
  • Hey guys,

    For someone lookong to buy a new tablet now, what would be your ideal short list of android tablets to consider? (Ideally around 9.7").

    I'm very heavily in the Apple camp, so was planning on buying an ipad in about a week (in case any new ones are announced).

    For the last few days i've been using my brothers spare old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Android 4.1.2 (jelly bean?). This is my first decent dive into Android and the multi-tasking capabilities and heavy (and spot on) dictation integration has made it a joy to use. So I am open to possibly getting an Android tablet instead of an ipad.


  • Well based on my research and hands on time this is where I'm at:

    Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5

    • Super Amoled screen looks amazing
    • 16x9 is nice
    • Really nice multitasking
    • Much easier to hold than the slippery ipad
    • Can browse file system
    • Dictation/Google now is super integrated and better than siri

    Ipad Air 2

    • Super integrated with my iphone and macs.
    • I'm already in the Apple ecosystem.
    • Great for photo management (Apple ballsed this up when they ditched iphoto (events)).
    • I'm comfortable with Apple having my info... not Google.
    • I can already tell the App Store in general houses much higher quality apps than the ad riddled ones on Google Play.
    • Typing on iOS is far better than android.
    I really like the samsung but it is a bit of a risk, deviating from my ecosystem. I guess I'll see what happens with this Apple event tonight.
  • If you want more freedom and liked the experience on your brother's tablet, get Android and discovery a whole new world (so to speak)
    If you're happy with your ipad right now and don't want anything extra, stay with iPad.

  • I have both an iPad air and a Nexus 9.

    I rarley use the ipad and I really like the nexus.

    It feels faster than the ipad nicer to type on with swiftkey (also avaible on ipad), STEREO speakers!! watching videos on this with stereo make you wonder what the hell apple was thinking making the ipad mono.

    BUT I'm a little biased. I use an android as a daily driver (also have an iphone). The iPad is great because of the apps I can't really find any other reason for me to choose the iPad