IPad 1 worth formatting for use now in 2015?

Created by praecantrix on March 7, 2015, 8:54 a.m.
  • Hi everyone. i was just given an ipad 1 from someone who wanted to upgrade to something with a newer os so they could get the tv/cable apps to work. i don't have much use for the ipad other than i wanted to give i-rig a try, and maybe get back into reading comics. i'm worried however if i format to factory i won't be able to use it with amplitude (irig app) due to the lack of support for whatever outdated ios it would have.

    i'm only thinking of formatting because it runs crappy with apps like safari crashing often and it's bloated with 4-5 years of junk, so it would be easier and quicker to just format rather than remove things one by one.

    has the ipad 1 become nothing more than a paperweight or can i eek out another year or two of it's life?


  • @praecantrix: once you have formatted it you can update its software again to iOS 5.1.1 by these means.


    Just check if the apps you want to use support iOS 5 and you should be cool.

  • @KylevT: thanks for the reply. backed everything up, bit the bullet and erased the ipad. i read that if you download the app on itunes on your computer, you can then go into the app store on the ipad to "install" the app. it will say that it is not compatible but you can download the latest compatible version. everything is working so far.

    it works for me, but i wish apple was more friendly with older tech because if i didn't have an old laptop to boot up and get the apps on, i'd be up the creek so to speak.

  • Yeah, thats always been my irk with Apple. As a graphic designer I had to learn to use a Mac as well but when things went wrong there was pretty much nothing I could do. With Android, Windows and Linux you always have options.

    I must admit I'm not up to spec with current iOS's so don't know if that's still the case.

    But I'm glad you aren't left with a large paperweight ;)

  • Thank you for posting this article and for the following comments.

    I found it very helpful.