Nexus 7 (32gb, LTE) ... Ipad Air owner (32gb, WiFi)

Created by LostTexas105 on May 6, 2014, 11:11 a.m.
  • Hey guys... simple question ... should I get a Nexus 7 (32gb, LTE) if I am already an owner of a Ipad Air (32gb, WiFi)? I am equally invested in both platforms......

  • @LostTexas105: I know you posted another topic along the same lines and it is a simple question, but here is my somewhat complex answer. I will follow a flow and see if we can narrow it down :).

    Have you tried both and/or used them at the same time?

    -- Yes? Did you find yourself favoring one over the other?

    ---- Yes? Is the lesser used one used for anything the other cannot do (functionality-wise)?

    -------- Yes? Then you should continue to have both and enjoy :)

    -------- No? Then stick with the platform you seem to be favoring.

    ---- No? Get the opposite device and try them both out and see which one you favor then refer to the Yes above.

    -- No? Go with the device you haven't tried, at least at the end you will know your answer.