What are the games on your tablets?

Created by SkinnyVitch on March 23, 2014, 8:51 p.m.
  • Assuming the iPad is semi recent and can run it ok, Star Wars: knights of the old republic is fucking rad.
  • Plague Inc. Can't get enough of that game

  • FTL just came out for the iPad and is pretty fun...

  • @Robotguy: FTL is great and it totally works ported from Steam to Tablet! I thought without a mouse and keyboard it would be frustrating but it was really good on tablet as well ^.^

    @CouchPotatoTalk i named my first virus Tom Jones and when the message "Tom Jones has infected the world" popped up.. many lol's were had!

  • İ have pocket fleet in my tablet.if you want you can try, game haven't very much players but some players enough for this game.and its really fun.if you join, you can send me pm in game, my nick chrismc.
  • On my iPad I still Have Civilization Revolution and Minecraft Pocket edition + a bunch of Cairosoft games. I like those. On my MS Surface 2 Pro, I have Civilization 5 and a few other Steam games.

  • Survival Craft

    Mine Craft PE

    Lumosity App