From iPad 2 to Nexus 7

Created by AtomicEdge on Jan. 24, 2014, 6:19 a.m.
  • My iPad 2 is slow. Since iOS 7, it's become pretty sluggish, and I'm getting fed up with it.

    I don't have much spare cash at the moment, and so I can't really justify getting an iPad Air or even really a Mini with Retina.

    However... I can get about £250 for my 64gb iPad, and the Nexus 7 32gb is only £239. I can live with the size difference.

    What does everyone think of the Nexus 7 (2013)? I might miss the 10" screen a little, but I do carry my iPad to work every day at the moment, so the portability (and the lightness) is a plus!

    Basically, just tell me how awesome the Nexus 7 is so I feel confident in my almost desicion!

  • Nexus 7 is a nice 7" Android tablet. If that's what you want then buy it.

    If you are an active airplay user or use some very specific apps, then i would make sure that you can get similar functionality on the Nexus.

  • Nexus 7 is a great device but how invested are you in iOS?

    If you buy the N7 and then end up spending even more $$$ rebuying apps you regularly use, is it going to be worth moving to Android as opposed to saving a little longer and buying an iPad Mini?

  • I've been toying with the same decision for many months now, I've got the 32gb ipad2.

    Pros: the nexus would be much more practical for my commute, i'm having a very good experience of android at the moment (phone) it's a very mature OS, the open nature of android works very well with my LG TV/Windows laptop/NAS drive etc whereas Apple not so much, much better screen, seems like it can take a beating better than the ipad

    Cons: no lovefilm app on android, no good twitter clients (at least not on tweetbot level), screen size is much better for reading comics & watching films,

    Overall I made the decision based on two things, lack of lovefilm & I really don't need it. The ipad is still going strong doing a great job, the ios7 problems only seem to affect Chrome (which crashes a lot!) but everything else seems fine.

    My advice, think if you really need it. If you can get the nexus for only £11 and don't have a ios specific need then get involved.

  • I went for it!

    I've spent £100s on iOS apps over the years (had access to the App store since the day it launched) but when I actually sat down and looked at what apps I would need to re-buy, the list was incredibly short. Pocket Casts for podcasting was actually the only thing I really needed (apart from a decent twitter app, which I have not decided on yet).

    A few things worth mentioning:

    Tinkering with widgets and launchers and stuff is just good fun. Makes it fun to poke around with, which you can't really do with iOS.

    The screen is lovely indeed. Able to fit as much on this little screen as my iPad and still read it due to the higher resolution.

    For videos, yes the screen is smaller, but because of the widescreen display, you don't actually lose quite as much as you think. There is a lot of black on an iPad generally.

    It's so light! I am actually finding myself popping it in my suit jackets pocket when I go to meetings. Handy to pull it out if I need to take notes or access a calendar, and somehow feels less... rude than pulling out my phone to do the same.

    Also, the speakers are great! Because it's got a speaker on the top and the bottom, it gives pretty good stereo audio when lying down on a desk.

    One down side; I got it in PC world, and they had the official Acer Premium case on sale which I got. It sucks. The case itself is fine, but if you use it as a stand, it stays upright for a couple of minutes before falling backwards. I'm going to take that back and order the official Google case from the play store instead.

    Generally though, apart from the first hour or so where I thought "Oh god it's too small what have I done!" I've now really gown to love the form factor. Portable enough to just grab when needed or use with one hand, but big enough that I don't think "I need a bigger screen!" like I do when using a phone.

    Now if only there was a really good twitter client available...

  • @AtomicEdge: I feel that's what a lot of people have found, and it's the reason why the iPad Mini is so incredibly popular as well.

    Glad that you're enjoying Android so far!

  • Let me know how you feel about widgets in a month. Aside from google now, they've fell out of use for me. Aside from podcast player buttons.
    Would be interested to hear your thoughts

    Twitter client is a pretty big gap in the market
  • Only widget I use is time and email. The rest I don't bother with and I have gestures for my most used apps (i.e. I swipe up and it opens Facebook, I swipe down for Twitter, two finger swipe up for Google Drive and two finger swipe down for Kindle.

  • I still use widgets after being an android user since Nov 2009.

  • So far I'm only using keep, music, clock and the power widgets. seems useful for some stuff, but a lot of things I am happy to just tap to get into.

    In fact, Attached is a screenshot of what I'm using: