Nexus 7 Music Player for music on my own home server or locally

Created by Ale on Dec. 12, 2013, 5:45 a.m.
  • Hi guys, I have a brand New 32GB Nexus 7, I will like to know what is the best option for my case. I have a home server in which I have all my media (Music & Video), I will like to be able to be at any part of my home and be able to stream music from my server to my Nexus 7, so I think I need a way to be able to see Windows network share folders, a Music or media player for Android that can use that share folder and so on, I am also interested if I can make playlists that I can use on my Nexus 7 and also on my other windows PCs, like if I can use something like Winamp for windows, make playlists from my music on my server and also have those playlists (imported or else) on the Winamp client for Android. I know Winamp is about to die but I use it as and example.

    I hope to get some good tips and thanks in advance for any help.


  • I run a Plex server that works really well for both local and remote streaming. Subsonic is another good one but takes a little more effort to get going. I had a player installed once that did plain old local streaming from a Windows share but unfortunately I don't remember what it was called.