Android launcher for tech-disabled father

Created by Toxeia on July 22, 2013, 11:15 p.m.
  • So my mom has wanted to give my dad a tablet to use for mail. Originally it was going to be an iPad she would buy from a friend. Instead they gave her a Surface RT for free. I'll be instead be giving him a Kindle Fire that I've flashed with Cyanogen Mod.

    My dad is absolutely awful with technology, so I'm hoping to change the launcher to where there will be basically two items: Mail and a web browser. Do any of you know of an android launcher that will allow me to make two large buttons and clear the rest of the screen? I know that Trebuchet will let me change the number of rows and columns to 1 or 2, but I don't think it makes them any larger.

    Bonus points if I can lock the icons.

  • Nova launcher will let you go upto 130% icon size
  • You could use Zooper Widgets for that on any launcher you like

  • If you dad can learn to drive a car, he can learn to use a tablet. Unless he's in the habit of wrecking cars as well...

  • SmartLauncher by GinLemon has a pretty minimalistic look pretty close to this. There is space for one widget on top, and a custom circle of apps on the bottom.