16GB New iPad Big Enough?

Created by MjDailey on March 17, 2012, 8:14 p.m.
  • @AaronG: Something that I am discovering is that putting movies and music on it is futile. iTunes is not good enough to constantly be messing with it to add and remove videos and music.

    However, streaming music and video from either your local PC/Server or an online provider is great and justifies keeping your $100 and not buying a 32GB.

    I've been using google+ for all my streaming music needs and I know there are a lot of services out there that offer great experiences. The Music problem is pretty much solved.

    For video streaming, if I can not find it on netflix and other services and I actually have the file on a HDD I just use Air Playit. I just added my video folder directory to the shared folders and I was able to access it from my other computer, iPad, and Galaxy Nexus.

    I am currently looking into jail breaking because I have discovered the magic that is XBMC. It's been some time and I am ready to start straying from the stock experience.

  • @DG991: I use iTunes Match and keep all my music in the cloud and get it that way. I also use Netflix and Amazon Instant Video for my video needs.

  • I'm not an iOS user but I would assume what you're using it for 16gb would be enough. However, I know a few people who have the 16gb and they are not very happy with having to manage the memory situation.

    Also, somewhere in this thread I read a comment about managing space on android tablets, and I haven't found that to be difficult. Especially using OTG support, with my Nexus 7 I have 32gb on board, and I can attach my 64gb flash drive(useful for watching movies).

  • The only thing about a 16 is you need to be a bit picky about what you put on the device. I havea 16 gig iPhone and iPad and I don't have any real problems. I keep my Photo library plus apps on the iPad, and the iPhone just my favoriteest photos and the music I want locally cached from Rdio.

    But then again I mostly use Rdio and Netflix for my media. if I'm taking long trip somewhere i'll have to edit it so I can get some tv or movies on there locally.

  • I bought my mum a 16GB Wifi-only iPad 4th generation, and it's more than enough for what she uses it for (surfing the internet, watching videos, looking at photos and playing games). However, those videos and photo viewing are web-based (via YouTube and Flickr), so 16GB is more than enough for her to keep a small collection of photos (about 20 photos), videos (about 5) and apps (about 10) on the iPad.

    If you're looking to download a lot of apps (more than 10), plan to keep a lot of videos, photos and music on the iPad, then you might want to get a larger memory sized iPad.

  • You guys know you can buy External WiFi HDDs?

    I have a Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB for my media, my iPad only has Apps/Games and a my most played music on it.

    It's pretty decent cause 3 people can link to it and stream off it at the same time. I originally bought it cause I wanted to be able to store media for both my iPhone and iPad but I no longer use an iPhone so it's not as useful to me any longer but it's nice to have.

  • I got the 32gb ipad 2 thinking it would be big enough but I am still managing space. Not to a massive extent to but enough to make comprimises. Given the later ipads have larger apps etc with retina screens I would say a 16gb is a no no