Dvd Ripping questions.

Created by Mendelson9 on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • I am thinking about ripping my DVD collection and have a few questions before I start. I have read the tested guide on ripping DVDs but want to make sure that i don't make any mistakes.

    1) I plan on using DVD Decryprter or DVDfab HD Decrypter with Handbreak to rip my collection. Are there better programs than those? (running Windows 7 64 bit so no DVD43). Any alternatives to DVD decrypter? (I do not have the money to pay for something like anyDVD).

    2) I plan on watching the files on an Xbox 360, iPhone with Air Video, and in the future, a Roku box (using Plex). Will the normal or high profile preset in Handbreak work fine? Anything else i should change (Anamorphic, Audio Codec, etc)?

    3) It would be nice to have subtitles and comentary tracks to switch on and off. will haveing these options on mess up with device compatibitlty? Does roku suport this stuff?

    4) Will Smith mentioned on the podcast that he might rip his disks again to get better quality and a higher bit rate. What should my rips bit-rate be and should it be constant bit-rate or variable? I do not what to make the mistake he supposedly did.

    I do not want to rip my DVDs and find out that they could have been better somehow. Any tips would be much appreciated.

  • makemkv is also a good option and is free for dvd ripping. i use variable bitrate rips but make sure it is compatible with yourvdevices
  • For #3 in an MKV you can have multiple audio tracks and subtitles but, for compatibility, you might want to have the subtitles as an external file (e.g an SRT file). Most players recognize this and give you the option though not the x360 / iOS without transcoding.

  • @White_Silhouette:

    Hey men. Sorry to bother you guys but I have a very similar question. It seems that you are an expert in DVD ripping. This is that, recenly, i am using this software (http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/rip-dvd-to-mkv.html ) to convert my DVD files to iPhone. The output image is okay but the sound is out of sync. Somebody told me it was casued by the software itself. However, I have used it several times before and they all worked well. Does anyone has an idea how to deal with this problem?

  • @videorob: MKV and Plex and Roku...IMHO

  • @chex313: You do realize videorob posted his question four years ago? :)

  • @kim_a: I do now, sorry...