Savage Builds Season 2

Created by snowy on July 7, 2019, 7:46 a.m.

  • Hope and pray you get it if you want it. Got an idea for you!

    Battle bots.... or the future of it.. have you ever seen the movie real steal? kinda like that... the current battle bots format I think the future of it will be human type or human based vs bigger and more sci fi... like currently I think the class is about 250 pounds... if someone made a humanoid robot that weighed only like 200 pounds and then had a 50 pound hammer and capable of controlling it like a human you could take a hammer or other weapon and smack the other bot one damn time and boom you win.... maybe work on this type of future think make us an alpha robot test for something like battle bot aleita etc...

    One word for suggest two...... GUNDAM. If you don't know what that is i direct you to japan to the mobile suit gundam series and its spinoffs.... but then again this is basically just the other suggestion.... but one is a pilot and a lot bigger the other are remote controlled smaller kind of like the transformer to make it into two seperate episodes without breaking the bank is all up to you.... create the first 1/10 mobile gundam frame and cover it in plastic.... they have been tried to be made before with limited success but actually create one and you may go down in the history books as the first person who created the space/future/all around weapon of the future..... ever heard of Kalashnikov