More science and more Film builds Info

Created by FullmetalJacket on June 5, 2017, 9:44 a.m.

  • I used to Love your channel and still like some of the videos but its becoming a bit of an unboxing Video channel,If I was as rich as you Adam ,I would buy more toys as well ,But I love stuff like your Blade Runner case build were you throw in random movie facts and the Maze from Kubrick I know you won't do that again that was EPIC, And your love of science is what got me watching myth busters in the first place because I studied physics and chemistry and made homemade Bombs/ Disclaimer I was under 18 and I am 46 don't send the FBI ,Throw in a bit more science ,I know you wont read this but I would really like others to comment because as a Huge fan of you work ,I just want more of your Vids to watch.