Rat 7 mouse problems

Created by Maia4280 on Jan. 31, 2017, 9:54 a.m.

  • I recently got a rat 7 gaming mouse from my boyfriend for christmas, and its been doing great and was an amazing upgrade from the garbage i had before, but the last few days ive been having issues, at first the tracking would just stop working, the buttons were fine but the mouse wouldnt move, then it stopped working for about a whole minute in the middle of an overwatch match while i was playing a sniper, and now today it just feels completely wonkey, it moves weird, it stops up and will not move left or right just slides up and down as if its hit an invisible barrier or something, the up and down movement feels decent enough but the left and right is laggy as hell.

    rat 7 was an expensive mouse, I adore it and it was a gift from someone i love and i was trying very carefully to take good care of it then it suddenly stops working and its all so frustrating, i tried reinstalling the drivers, my relatively new mousemat is clean, the sensor dont look obscured or dirty, and im just so stuck right now, its not even fit to use for browsing, can someone please help me?