Adam's Toolbox poster

Created by Monkey2013 on May 28, 2016, 12:16 a.m.
  • Fear not new premium subscribers, it may take a few months but you will eventually get your Toolbox poster. I just got mine yesterday and I subscribed around the beginning of the year.

  • Cool.

    I subscribed July last year and haven't heard a word about it since. Had completely forgotten about it until I saw they are making a new poster. Hopefully I will get mine before people start receiving that one :P

  • @Monkey2013: Did you at any point contact Tested regarding the poster and when you might get it? I too went premium this year and haven't received the poster, I don't feel like emailing them asking where it is when all I need to do is play the waiting game. If asking them as a reminder is best then I will but wont other wise.

  • @sjrockow: They said in the announcement of the new poster that if you have questions regarding the previous promotion you should contact

    I took that to mean that if you haven't yet received the toolbox poster it is best to get in touch with them to sort it out.

    Looks like they have a better plan in place this year, with posters going out at two specific times rather than ongoing. There must have been at least a couple of hundred "where is my poster" posts on the forums since they started the previous promo.

  • @kim_a: I suppose that since they provided an email then they are welcoming emails regarding the subject.


  • Sorry for the late reply guys. No I did not contact them I just played the waiting game as well and I guess I got lucky. I would recommend shooting them an email. I about did but I decided to wait just a little bit longer and fortunately it turned up.

  • I must say that the poster material is weird choice. It is thick carton instead of slim shiny paper even cheapest posters on general stores uses. This carton is soft and even slightest creases becomes very visible and undoable.

    But there is positive aspect as well. It fits better on workshop wall and might be more durable there than thin glossy paper and you don't mind rough edges and corners in that enviroment.

  • didn't get mine kind of annoying really :(