Combadge for Alexa - NORM!

Created by bendiebold on May 15, 2016, 11:39 p.m.

  • As much as the Amazon Echo is supposed to be a middle of the room device, I find myself with it in the corner on a table or desk most of the time. Also true with the new Echo Dot, it looks fine in images tucked away in an entertainment system, but that really isn't using the back half of the far field on a shelf against a wall.

    The biggest problem I have with both of them is that they sometimes just can't hear me over the music or TV being played near them.

    I don't use the remote for the full size Echo. It stays on my fridge, rarely to be touched.
    Instead I just end up muting whatever is on keeping Alexa from hearing me, then speaking.

    It led me to the idea, that THIS method, may be the origin of the darned Combadge!
    Right now, I would love a single button lapel pin that muted my devices so I could talk to Alexa.

    I've heard you guys talking about the future of home security perhaps being in some kind of badges or tags that you wear and the home identifying you. Heck, put that long range future RFID/GPS tag, in the lapel pin, so it knows where you are in the house. That's Version 2! Then throw a bluetooth microphone directly into it too that relays through your phone or connects directly to the Echo... and boom... Version 3.

    Goodness, now we've gone from a button that mutes your speakers or tv so you can talk to your far field Alexa...
    To adding GPS or RFID in it so it can help find you, or decide which of your multiple Echos you'd be talking to.. To being able to talk to Alexa directly from the pin via connected microphone.

    Combadges are the future.... starting with a MUTE button that we wear.

    Someone get to work on it.
    Anyone else mute their TV so Alexa can hear them?