Guess what it is

Created by Greg818 on March 15, 2012, 6:31 p.m.
  • I realized that there wasn't any 'game' topic. So here's one idea: guess what it is. Someone submits a picture, and during 24 hours, people should try to guess what is on the picture. If someone guesses, then that someone should submit the next picture, and so on. If no one guesses after 24 hours, the first one who tried to answer should submit the next picture. A clue can be given when required after some time.

    There isn't necessarily a theme, also the trend seems to be technology related, but it doesn't mean it's mandatory. The photo can be photoshoped to remove any logo/marking that would make the guessing part more of a reading part. The picture can be a whole 'thing' or just a (significant enough) part of it... it's all up to you. But keep in mind your goal isn't that no one guess ever.

    Edit: I forgot, always keep it safe for work please.

    So please allow me to start with this:

    Hope it will take off.

  • Looks like Runts candy gone wrong
  • @GTFShadow: Then terribly wrong.

    @Rallier: Nope, but... close.
  • Errr... chocolate?
  • Pellets of iron that are to be later melted down and cast in molds.
  • taconite pellets

  • @tobygw: 

    my god.....
  • @CROM: Right! Your turn.


     Exactly, but CROM answered first.

    Amazing, I wasn't sure somebody would find. It always reminded me of snacks like raisinets and maltesers...

    Edit: by the way: Taconite.
  • Guess what this is. Hint: It's a machine.

    I took the photo, so if nobody gets in in the next few hours, I might take another photo from a different angle.
  • @CROM: Something you don't want to stick your hand in.
  • @CROM:
    Looks like some sort of mechanical loom.
  • @Falcon:  You're absolutely correct about that, but I can't say you've won just yet.

    @chaser324: You're on the right track with the time period.
  • @CROM:
    Cotton gin?
  • @CROM: is it supposed to be used like that or did you remove a cover/lid?
    DaVinci's espresso machine?

    Is there any way you could take a picture, maybe in lower resolution, in the complete dark and with a lousier framing? 

    Wait... typewriter? (look mighty big, but I have no idea of the size)
  • @Greg818:  The lousy framing enhances the mystery.

    It is indeed a typewriter. The coffee cup is actually very small, and was placed there to throw people off about the scale. Here's a picture with a dime in it:

  • @CROM: Darn I kind of took a shot in the dark there. Any chance you'd have a better picture, showing a little more?

    @chaser324: I give you my turn as I just had my chance for the picture, and also, because it's your loom thing that made me think of that.
  • @Greg818:  Sure. Here's what it looks like from the front:

  • @CROM: Nice beast. But I still prefer my daskeyboard. How old is it?
  • So it's a Underwood Typewriter.
  • @Greg818:  I think it's around 80 years old. I seem to remember research showing that it was made in the 1920s.
  • @CROM: Does it still work? Do you have ribbons? (I suppose not, if you had ribbons you'd use it every now and then, and it would be that dusty...)
  • @Greg818:  It does work. I haven't used it in years, but I don't think it has been damaged since. And it does have a ribbon, although it seems pretty worn out.
  • @CROM: Hey, these things don't get damaged, you can drop them on concrete from as high as you want, the only thing you'll accomplish is cracking the concrete.
    I remember when I was a kind, when I'd go to my grandma', as she had this typewriter, I like to use it. The motion of the... little stamp-thingies (don't know what it's called), and the finished result, the paper with all those letter, plus the horrible font (that I actually use in Mac OS X terminal: American typewriter, in green and black background), and the mark left in the paper too. I always used computers, ever since I was a kid (and I could have imagined what it was going to become...), but the typewriter had a special spot in my hearth.

    Edit: If 24hours after my post (the stating that I give up my turn) chaser didn't come back, I'll give my turn to tobygw.
  • A little bit of a different take here, in the tradition of taking things apart here on Tested, what is this board out of?

  • @chaser324

    Is it some sort of network device? Like a router?
  • @JoMate:
    Yeah, it's a router...I guess I should've gone with something a bit more difficult.

    Well, you're up.
  • @chaser324

    Well google was a great help on this otherwise I didn't know shit about what it could be.

    I will post one in a few hours when I get home from work.
  • Was it a  5 Port 10/100 Switch with PHY, or a 4 port with extra MII port? (by the way, a good source for datasheets:
  • @Greg818:
    It was a Linksys WRT54G, which yes it uses that transceiver and does in fact have a 5 port switch. I guess I pretty much knew that people would start looking up datasheets and could get pretty close, but I went with it anyway.

  • @chaser324: I feel like, at some point, everybody has had this one. How long have you had this one? I kept mine less than two years before a transistor burnt (I'm a transistor burner). But, CROM said it was a pretty reliable one...