Racing quadcopter

Created by belomin on Dec. 8, 2016, 8:17 a.m.
  • Hello guys

    I would like to step into this great hobby and at this moment I am scanning the marked and deciding which ARF racing quadcopter set to buy

    I found this one -

    A lot of people are recommending it as a great build. What is your opinion, is it worth buying? Thanks for advices - David

  • I recently have been doing the same research recently. That quad looks like a decent starter quad. Check out the guys over at The have a great you tube channel and a great store, most of my rc planes are designs from them. They have some good videos to learn where to start and their store has many arf and rtf options, though they are more expensive than the one you were looking at they are very high quality. I have been looking at the ft210 from the flite test store to build. I always push flite test because they are great guys, and have somewhat inexpensive options to get into flying rc.