So... where is Simone?

Created by adriendod on Sept. 1, 2016, 12:49 p.m.
  • Did I miss something? Is she not part of the crew anymore?

  • You mean Simone who was in the podcast that came out two days ago?

  • Ohhhhh havent listened yet :)

  • This week's podcast was mostly an introduction to Tom Sachs, who stepped in for Adam while he is out roadtripping with family. But yeah, she's still part of the crew and working on stuff. She's also doing non-Tested events and videos, staying busy :)

  • She apparently was on a late night talk show with Stephen Colbert recently (I can never remember if it's the Tonight Show or Late Show or whatever).

    You would THINK that would be something they'd want to advertise on the website. Did I miss it or something?

  • @wvc: She filmed that Late Show segment a few months ago.

    They mentioned it on her first Still Untitled appearance, when they thought it was going to air the following week. But the show went over time and the Colbert team decided to put her appearance on ice until they could find a spot to drop it back in.

  • @kim_a: It still seems like this is one of those things they would want to highlight on their home page. It's not that hard, really, even if it's just shortly after the fact. Not everyone listens to all the podcasts, or, if they do, they're not always up-to-date on the latest episode.

    At any rate, it just seems like another really easy communication moment that Tested missed out on. When one of the members of the team is on the Late Show, I think that warrants a little bit of fanfare.

    Again, I know the Tested team is very busy (with Norm and Joey in the Arctic this week), but I would suggest a re-prioritization of effort with more attention towards basic communication is warranted.

  • @wvc: As I said over in the other thread, I agree.