Spinning Discs on Spinning Discs

Created by Keltic on Feb. 25, 2016, 6:57 a.m.
  • I was surveying a data centre recently and found this.

    Spinning CD/DVD's on top of large storage arrays (hard disk drives).

    Not only was it cool that a tech / engineer discovered they could do this but I loved the duality of one storage media spinning on top of another.


  • @Keltic: Perpetual Motion!!!! now all we need to do is harness it.... wait....

    Cool video though, do they just keep going forever?

  • If you only knew a) how much power they consume and b) how much power is used to drive the cooling :-)

    There were spinning when I arrive and spinning when I left. I was on site 4 hours. The room is usually a lights out site and as you can tell from the CRT's, it's early 2000's equipment so they could have been spinning for years!

  • @Keltic: WAIT... They were spinning when you arrived and still spinning when you left? Dammit! We are still in the dream!