R2 Builders Club Droids are in the next Star Wars

Created by Dedwrekka on Nov. 20, 2013, 11:13 a.m.
  • Several of the fan made R2-D2 droids (and their makers) from members of the R2-D2 builders club are contracted by Lucas Film to appear as R2 in the next movie.

    Decades of dedication pay off!


  • that is SUPER COOL. congrats to those guys!

  • That is awesome! Maybe some of the 501st can get in as extra stormtroopers.

  • @KnowOnesDesigns: That would be awesome on so many levels

  • R2 Builder here. I haven't met Oliver Steeples or Lee Towersly before, but Oliver is on the Builder's Council who helps administer and run the club, but from all accounts they are great guys and incredibly knowledgeable both when it comes to R2-D2 and related skills to building these. The club couldn't be any more proud.

  • R2-KT had a cameo in the latest movie. :)