Home Design Program

Created by redrum6114 on April 17, 2020, 1:09 p.m.
  • Looking for a program to let me play around 2d/3d design home layout. I don't need anything high end just looking to mess around with a few concepts that have been rattling around my head. What is out there that's free that works reasonably well?

  • Ask your local home building center if they have at-home options. Often their website, or an affiliated one, has what you need (as it is made to buy the furniture you add)

    Aside from that, a photo editor program can work if you can keep a scale marker on your pics, or Blender is free if you don't mind a learning curve

  • I remember using FloorPlanner they offer a free version if you not looking to export and other premium features. Sketchup also offers a free version as well.

    If your looking for a 100% free software the only one I remember is Sweet Home 3D they also have video tutorial if you need help the the programs basics features.