Where to begin building my own pirates chest?

Created by Day1 on Dec. 5, 2019, 8:36 p.m.
  • So I love the video game "Sea Of Thieves" and it's inspired me to build my very own pirates chest! I'm thinking about taking an existing keep sake box and transforming into into my very own pirates chest with loot and all!

    With that said, I'm having an interesting time finding a way to customize the chest. For example, here is a photo of one of the chests I'm looking to build. https://bit.ly/2LucTkt

    I'm having a difficult time finding parts to "mold" or "sculpt" so I can adhere them to the actual chest itself. Any ideas where I could start?

    Thank you! - Rob

  • Hi there,

    There is a ton of ways you could embelish a regular box to make it look like a pirate trunk/chest. Easiest way would be to add some thin foam as detailing. It wouldn't be to different from detailing armour, shileds or a helmets so I would check out Punished Props. Bill Doran has some awesome ideas that could be adapted.