Suggestions for making 2D print (unusual circumstances)

Created by The Jaalbatross on Aug. 11, 2019, 11:14 a.m.
  • Hello all.

    I'm hoping some of you might have a suggestion for how to solve this problem. My wife and I recently lost a beloved cat. We agreed beforehand that we both wanted to get a tattoo of his pawprint. When the day came the vet asked us if we'd like a print,which was kind, unfortunately I wasn't in a state of mind to inquire further and what we have is a plaster of Paris cast. It's a good memento but it's too soft to get a good pencil or crayon rubbing. I'm hesitant to just buy an ink block and try using it as a stamp because I don't know how it will interact with the plaster (and this is genuinely irreplaceable now) and if it did work, how we could clean the cast without destroying it. I was thinking maybe a very soft clay to make essentially a bas relief and then print that?

    I have no real experience making molds, my making experience is pretty much plastic and wooden model kits, and first tier apartment dweller gun"smithing" so none of this is material I'm used to. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, and apologies if I've posted this on the wrong forum.

  • get a small bottle of casting latex. pour it in. let it dry overnight and pull it out. Now you have a positive you can use as a rubber stamp or something like