Jellyfish costume

Created by eliafranke on Jan. 28, 2019, 1:53 p.m.
  • Hi guys,

    I'm invited to a costume party with the theme "under the sea" and I want to build a jellyfish that looks similar to the green one below:

    Here is what I thought so far:

    - as base model I want to use this umbrella

    - to create that illumination I chose this colour

    - I got a UV black light LED flash light that I can strap onto the stick of the umbrella to give the jelly a bit of a glow effect

    Now my guess is that the colour won't stick to the plastic of the umbrella. Would it help if I use sand paper to roughen the surface before applying the colour?

    Also I have no idea how I can build those tentacles - any ideas?



  • Hey Elia,

    Your project reminds me of a dance competition costume my mom made (being a seamstress). The easiest and quickest was she found to change an umbrella's look was to pop off the end caps and replace the fabric all together.

    Using the removed piece as a pattern, you can replace it with a more absorbant material that will take the paint better, then hit it with some scotch guard if you want it water repellant.

    If you want to use the existing translucent plastic though, I would still remove it first to protect the flimsy wire prongs as you work. I would avoid scratching the plastic as that might show up in your work, but use a clear plastic primer instead. Here's a link I found for you.

    Hope that helps