Sculpting road block

Created by skinwalker_13 on Jan. 12, 2019, 5:56 p.m.
  • im relatively new to sculpting and ive got several mini figures that ive made and were very easy to just make a dump mold or two part mold and start slinging casts. BUT... now i want to try something a little more dynamic but the pose is practically impossible to mold without removing at least one leg and both arms. whats the best way to start this process out? ive got a few armatures laying around ready to rock and roll once i figure this last part out. any links or advice would be fantastic!! thanks in advance...

  • What would be the problem in making two two-part molds and then gluing them together?

    Maybe also add in some registration points so that the arm or leg slots into the body?

  • @TobyWild: multiple two part molds are the goal here for sure, im more less trying to figure out the best way to actually make the registration keys that im needing. ive found a book with instructions, but im more of a tactile learner so over the last few days ive been sculpting a few trial pieces to figure out what works best for me on this project.