Reactive Concept

Created by Snyper493 on May 22, 2018, 4:14 p.m.
  • I am putting this out here in hopes that someone can either help me make this come to fruition or get it started on their own. I have a concept in my head that is more of a reactive measure to school shootings. This concept is a device that sits above the door frame that has kevlar with magnetic sides that magnetically attach to the door frame as it unravels. Once I figure out how to draw this thing, I will post that image. I need help with research, with people being devil's advocate on it... something. I want to see if this can be done cheaply enough that school systems would deploy this across the country and the world.

    The original concept is something like the gates that malls use to close down the stores but meant for individual doors. To deploy it would be a simple pull string and to close it up would be something like window shades.

    I am posting this here in hopes that someone would take the idea and run with it.. someone with the technical know-how and the financial stability to produce a prototype... If someone does this, please give me some credit.

    Matthew Walden, pissed and angry, trying to put the energy into this concept to bring it out.

  • This is the drawing of the concept. I hope this shows what I am trying to design well.

  • I like your creativity and I even think this could help..

    That said, I think that a change in the fire arms policies would help a lot more and would be cheaper for schools.

    Don't you think that sturdy doors and the option to lock the doors from the inside would do the same job?

  • Yea... school legislators need to add to the budget for bullet-proof doors, a better budget then what I think is out there. A change to the policies will not help much, there is always a black market for guns and people will find a way no matter what.