A quick question about cosplay and being able to see.

Created by rasield on Sept. 21, 2017, 5:48 p.m.
  • Hioh all,

    I am a new member, but I've been creeping about the forums and the YouTube channel for a while. I've got a quick question concerning Adam's Totoro cosplay. I am starting on building my first cosplay, and I'd like to know what components he used for the camera system. I am going a bit... overboard, with what I want to do for my first attempt and kinda found myself at a loss of a good way to be able to see outside of it. Saw the Totoro build again recently and figured that doing something similar might be a good idea. I've tried looking around online and wasn't able to find too much short of some drone FPV sites and some sparse, confusing and conflicting information.

    Thanks in advance for any direction I can get.

  • I'm guessing that there aren't any pointers people on here can give as to his setup?

  • I think he just used a GoPro that streams the video to his phone. Appearantly there's a GoPro app that let's you do all that stuff.

  • @Lumor: The camera is a definite possibility, I'm not certain on the screen. It looked like both ends were wired together in the end and the screen didn't look phone sized to me. Too thick and blocky for any phone I've seen over the last few years anyway.

  • GoPros have HDMI out, so he might have used a small LCD screen that has an HDMI input. Small LCD's are not that expensive, especially from China.