Tested Premium videos, series list?

Created by DesertBadger on July 26, 2017, 8:23 a.m.

  • Hi folks! Couldn't locate a Premium category or anything more appropriate so I'm putting this here.

    I have been a Premium member for a few years now and I have loved the improvements made to the site and video offerings but I still have the same issue... I can't easily get to what I want to watch.

    If I have totally missed something please let me know but I seem to have to do some real leg work when I want to watch Premium content on the site. For example, if I want to watch a full run of Lego with friends I need to locate the set I want to watch by searching for "Lego with friends" then find how the particular series is titled, search for that "LEGO with Friends: Patrick Norton" for example, and then when I finish one video I click back, click the next video, repeat.

    Now like I said above, if I have just straight up missed something on the site that leads to a playlist of these videos or a category tag or something like that please let me know. If I have not missed that, can we get that?

    Love everything you guys are doing, plan on being around for a long time, just looking to get to the stuff I want to see a bit easier.