Did Tested send out an Opt In Email on 6/24

Created by Flammenkopf on June 26, 2017, 4:45 p.m.
  • This Saturday, 6/24/17, I received an e-mail purporting to be from Team Tested asking me to click an embedded link in order to opt in on receiving future e-mails from Tested. Doing nothing apparently means you don't want to receive further communications. Is this a real request from Tested, or phishing?


  • Pretty sure it is legit, at least I got it as well.

  • Got it as well, but from the look of it I'd be more inclined to suspect a database breach followed by someone going on a phishing trip.

    If it is actually legit, I really gotta ask - what the actual fuck were you lot (the crew) thinking? The links go straight to the (I presume) mailing service it was sent from, and the only things actually indicating it's from Tested is the sender and the basic overall look of it. Seriously, you're all presumably technologically literate - so how did this ever leave the idea stage?

  • Yes, these emails are legitimate requests for re-opting in to the mailing list. There has been no database breach. Unfortunately, n42 is correct in that there was an error in the initial batch of emails that reflected the email software link, rather than the https Tested.com link. While the email software link is safe and will take you to the right destination, we corrected the error on all forthcoming emails to reflect a true Tested.com link.

    The path we must take on this re-opt in campaign is obviously not our first choice due to the reasons mentioned above, but if you have any further concerns and are still cautious, please write to support@tested.com. and we'll do our best to alleviate.

  • @tested_support: I came here with the same question, is this a legit email or not. Why not add a little notice/link to the site where users with questions can get more information, rather than having hunt in the forums. Or how about a URL that I can type-in rather than relying on a link in an email that might go to a bogus site??? Just a thought :)

  • @jbreslow: if you feel safer typing the url yourself, you are more than welcome to do so with the below link. Just make sure you replace "vaildemail" with the entire email address you signed up with. If you do not replace this with a valid email that we recognize, you will not be able to re-opt in:


  • i did this , however it says email does not exist, even though i am using the same mail as that is on my account

  • i did this , however it says email does not exist, even though i am using the same mail as that is on my account

  • @rmcdaid: We're happy to help. Please write to us via email (support@tested.com) so we can further assist you and discuss your account details outside of the public forum.