Spamming - 'Makers' Board Flooded

Created by jpcguy89 on June 18, 2017, 6:13 p.m.
  • A user named "babaji101" is flooding the Maker board (possibly others as well). In one day he's created pages and pages and pages of posts with no content and the title relating to relationship solutions...

    The forums here need a reporting system and a spam filter to prevent someone like this user from destroying everything...

  • There is reporting. Click the red 'Flag' link that appears when you hove over a user's post/thread. There is some form of spam-filter in place, but the spammers keep getting through because they are posted by real people and the spam filter is some form of hacked together solution on top of decade-old software.

    Sadly, it is clear that the forum will not be upgraded, this spam issue has been this bad for years (I seem to remember it getting really bad around new-years 2014) and no major upgrades have happened in that time span in spite of users complaining non-stop... it is pretty clear that Whalerock, who manages the site itself, genuinely couldn't give a fuck.

    For anything to happen, this site will have to get a major upswing in audience, and the forums will need to see a lot more use, which is unlikely since they are so bogged down in spam every weekend that any new members stumbling in won't return.