Premium Member Q - Poster(s)

Created by KevinClose on May 12, 2017, 7:13 p.m.
  • Good Day!

    Had a question.

    During Brain Candy Live, I asked Adam to do the honors in hitting my submit button to become a Premium Member. Adam had signed my ring box during NYCC, in which I proposed to my now fiance, and had a question on the posters. I registered back in February and see the posters send in waves. Do I need to do anything special for those posters or just waiting til the next wave goes out?

    In the process of decorating one of my bedrooms and thought the poster would be cool.

    PS. Adam mentioned something else, which not sure to DM about or to whom to ask.

  • To make sure everything is in order, you can email, they'll check to see if your posters are shipped, or if they have all the information they need. And if your order has indeed fallen through the cracks, they'll sort it out :)

  • Speaking of posters, I signed up to premium the amazing content but also to get the Bear costume poster for my partners Birthday present. Does anyone know how I can get one please? I'd been told that you got one free just by being a premium member.

  • @Urbanlad: We'll be happy to resolve your poster situation! Please send us an email ( so we can discuss the details of your membership in a more private setting. Don't forget to include your username as well as the email you signed up with for faster service.