Help with school project please

Created by ruvaale on Oct. 17, 2016, 10:43 p.m.
  • Hello Tested,

    I am currently attending Ohlone Community College here in the bay area (Fremont). I am studying to be an electrical engineer and have a project that I need help with. My team and I are working on a project for my engineering 101 class to create a devise that can help provide free wireless internet to developing countries. We are currently doing research on how we can achieve our goal in a short amount of time. We appreciate any information regarding this project. Thanks.

  • This is a non-trivial problem and I think you might get more help from a more specialized/active engineering forum, but a good start would be to describe your challenge and team in more detail.

    Who are the people on your team, what are each of your experience levels and expertise?

    What fidelity is the solution going to be delivered in? Are you allowed to think ahead to a future scenario in which currently expensive technologies are available at the desired scale, or does this have to be a solution that could be put into use in six months under real world conditions? Are you building prototypes?


  • Yes, I agree with my interlocutor above that this subject of the site does not quite fit your requirements.

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