I own Windows 8 64-bit OEM, but do not have the disc. Is there a legitimate way for me to download so I can reinstall?

Created by MordeaniisChaos on May 10, 2013, 4:41 p.m.
  • I'm pretty ridiculously pissed off right now. I managed to fuck up an install of windows for the first time in a long ass time, because I wasn't really paying attention to an installer. So, I did a system recovery to fix that problem. Which it did very well, except now my sound drivers aren't working, and I seem to be having other issues with drivers as well.

    Now, there are a couple of ways to theoretically download Windows 8 direct from MS. But, apparently the fucking OEM version (ie the $99 version) doesn't work for that. The simple fact that there isn't an easy and built in fucking way to just get access to the ability to reinstall the fucking OS is pissing me off enough as it is, when I put in my completely legitimate product key, it just told me to fuck off.

    I lost my disc because the guy I lent it to turned out to be a massive biggot and is not blocking me on any mode of communications with the idiot I have. I don't have a job at the moment and am 100% broke, so I can't just waltz down to the store and pick up a new disc.

    Is there anything I can do? I'm not looking to pirate it, I have two damn product keys but neither are useful to me if I can't reinstall the fucking OS.

    Considering there are ways to install the OS entirely from a hardrive source, why the fuck aren't the files to reinstall the OS just included with every install? It'd be a great way to allow people to maintain a PC without having to worry about the license being overused on multiple PCs and would make the issue of "oh shit, my PC broke, now I have to find the optical drive I took out because I never use the bloody thing and great, now I have no media to use in the drive anyway so fuck it all."

    Most of all, I'm pissed off I fell for MCPatcher.net's fake ass installer considering MCPatcher DOESN'T EVEN HAVE AN INSTALLER.

    I know if I can get something to install windows, I'll be fine. I'd prefer not to have to burn shit to a fucking disc but if I have to I can.

    It's times like this, I fucking hate when products don't give common sense features.

  • So based on your OP I'm hearing you can get a hold of a version of Windows 8 from Microsoft? You should be able to get the upgrade version through some digitalriver download from MS and that's 100% legit.

    If you can get that version (the upgrade version), try doing the windows 8 upgrade clean install trick. I've never tried it using and OEM key but it's worth a shot. I've done it a dozen times for people who only have the upgrade disc/license and a blank drive.

    I want to say you shouldn't have a problem but I've never tried exactly what you're trying.


    Use Windows 8 Upgrade disc/ISO to reinstall windows 8. Once you get into Windows it will tell you it couldn't activate. Use this registry trick to get it to prompt you to enter a new product key. Enter your OEM key and hope for the best.

    Worst case is that it doesn't take your OEM license with the upgrade install....In that case, you're going to have to see if there's another way to get a hold of an OEM install disc.

    I don't want to get into the whole piracy thing, because my personal stance is if you have a legal license to use the software who the hell cares where you get it from. But here's not the place for that debate.


    Also should add that there are ways to edit the ei.cfg file in a Windows 8 iso and apparently change what keys it will accept, but I haven't messed around with it enough to give you any solid advice. I did it all the time w. Windows 7 (actually I would just delete it in my Windows 7 iso's) but haven't tried it with Windows 8. Just food for thought.

  • Edit: Nevermind. The method required a key that has previously expired and no longer works.

    I'll find a way to send you the ISO. I'll PM you.

  • If you have a key just download an ISO from anywhere, as long as the license is valid that's all that matters.

  • @Korwin: He says that his OEM key doesn't work with the downloads from MS. It's worked for me in the past with Windows 7 but not had any experience with Windows 8 unfortunately.

  • Hmm. I had it backwards. I thought he was trying to install with an OEM disc with a update key. @MordeaniisChaos: did the ISO I gave you work?

    @Korwin: There are three different types of keys, and a disc can only accept one type. There are retail, OEM, and volume. Volume licensing is typically the enterprise version that authenticates to a local server - this is how you enforce the number of "seats" you have in a business.

    Honestly in this situation considering you aren't bypassing Microsoft's activation I wouldn't consider it piracy if you ended up getting a disc image via torrent.

  • @Toxeia: I've yet to get a chance to test that iso.

    As for piracy, it's not as easy as it sounds. Almost all torrents have cracks in them these days, and I'm not going to download anything with a crack. It's not easy to find the exact right version I need, unfortunately.

    I think any iso will work, the difference is you have to bypass the activation initially and then activate once the install has finished. I think I had to do that in the past when my first disc came from Newegg with a big ol' scratch and didn't work. At that time it was easy to download a clean iso. Now, not so much.

    @JustinNotJason: For some stupid reason, you can't download directly from MS without giving a "valid" key first. And there are I believe two different direct from MS downloaders, and neither work with a System Builder key.

    There is a sort of "nuclear" option, that I believe will let me reset my primary hard drive but I can't apparantly keep my old files or programs. Not worried about programs because I keep nearly everything installed to my secondary. I do however use my primary for media and storage, so having to move all of my various sources and projects and documents over would be a fucking huge pain in the ass, so I'm avoiding that option until it's my only one.

  • @MordeaniisChaos: I think i messed up. The ISO I gave you is for Windows 8 Professional, from the update kit that Microsoft was selling for $40. The $99 OEM was for Windows 8 (non-pro), right? I'll try to find a download for oem W8

  • I know this is super late coming but Really if you guys need legit download links for microsoft software you can get the direct digital river links from here. http://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft

  • @CrippleCaptain: According to the post, there aren't any links. However, further down there's this:

    The Windows 8 Setup Tool

    If you have a valid Windows 8 product key (no matter whether OEM or retail, whether upgrade or the full product), you can produce an iso file using the Windows 8 Setup Tool. Download and execute the file Windows8-Setup.exe from Microsoft, enter your product key, and have the tool download the Windows 8 setup files. The tool will then be able to compile an iso file from the download. This procedure however has some restrictions, as it will determine the language and bit edition of the download from the system from which it is executed, and doesn't allow to change these parameters.

    That sounds useful.

  • @Toxeia: I posted the link today because I was using it to grab an old copy of office 2007 for a reload. So its relevant for many microsoft software resources. But I'm glad you highlighted the relevant windows 8 info I didnt even read that far into the windows 8 stuff. infact I may spin a blog around this resource as it saved me several hours today