Headphones only work halfway plugged in

Created by tobygw on March 15, 2012, 7:02 p.m.
  • So I recently purchased an Astro A40 headset and besides gaming I've also been using them to listen to music and stuff on my laptop. However today when I went to plug it in to my headphone jack on my laptop, the sound kept coming out of my laptop's speakers. Except if I only plugged it in about three quarters of the way, it would work. I'm trying to understand where exactly the problem is occuring as during the past couple of weeks they have worked just fine on my laptop.

    Somethings to note are that my headphones still work fine when plugged into my iPod and my Astro Mixamp. Also another pair of iPod headphones I have work on my laptop just fine however it is a smaller sized connector so I'm guessing that may be why.

    Basically I'm trying to figure out how/if I can fix it and whether it is a problem with the headphones themselves, the headphone jack or a software problem related to headphone jack. Note that I just installed a new windows update today just before I noticed the problem so I'm wondering if that may have something to do with it.

    Anyway any knowledge, tips or solutions you might have would be appreciated.

  • I'd say it's the headphone jack on the laptop. Prolly pulled something when you removed the headphones last. No idea on any ghetto way of fixing it though sorry. Laptop out of warranty?

  • I had the same problem with the jack on the top of my case. Turns out it was just dust stuck in the jack. Canned air fixed it.

  • I get this on my phone sometimes when lint gets in the headphone jack. I clean it out with a toothpick or paperclip.

  • @fightnight: Yeah I meant it wasn't as long. The Astros one has three of the bands while the other headphones have 2.

    I will try out air/paperclip idea and see if it works.

  • So I tried using compressed air, but no luck so I'm guessing the jack is just jacked up.(pardon the pun)

    It's still under warranty, but I don't know if it would really be worth it to send it in and be without it for multiple weeks just to fix it.

  • This is normal... Some TRS plugs don't make proper connection with some jacks. I find the same thing with my galaxy s headset and the headphone jack on my monitor at work.
  • here's a basic drawing of the inside of a trs jack, your will accually have another contact for your mic, but you could be getting a short or no contact when your plug the astro all the way in.  I would send it in for sure, it would suck having those great headphone and not be able to use them :( And it will really piss ya off later down the road if you don't.

  • After listening to last week's tested podcast and hearing Brad talk about how he uses his Astro mixamp on his computer, I came to the realization that I could just plug in the Mixamp via USB and then plug in the headset to the mixamp.

    I don't know why I didn't think I could do this before, but now I have even better audio quality than I did just using the headphones directly plugged in. I guess I won't send it back now.