iPod crashes Explorer.exe and iTunes

Created by Warofart on March 15, 2012, 6:46 p.m.
  • By explorer I mean the actual way to look at the ipod outside of itunes. I mean my computer and any other variation of explorer is frozen, crashed, thus blocking me from simply formating my ipod, which I hear is the thing to do in these types of cases. iTunes also stops working, so pretty much any way to access the ipod is gone. 
    Anyone ever get a problem like this? What was the fix? Was there a fix? Am I doomed to hate my ipod?

  • @Warofart: Have you reset explorer.exe? If so, does it still freeze up?
  • @MonkeyGekko: Um, you mean force close and start again? Yes, but nothing works. Even itunes won't close, BUT the very second I disconnect my ipod everything goes back to normal. And sometimes I get this message asking if I want to open itunes to format my ipod for Windows use. Which really is gonna cause the same thing to happen AND the ipod is disconnected anyways. Could it be the USB drivers? Or the ipod itself? 
    Edit: Also the ipod is "empty" now, but it actually says it's full of "other" files.
  • @Warofart: Do you have another computer you can try and hook it up to? It sounds very strange to me. 
    Edit: You are trying to shut explorer.exe down through taskmanager - process and not applications right?
  • @MonkeyGekko: Yes and yes, my lappy here is also not vulnerable. OH OH. I think I have a fix!  

    Reset iPod

    - Press "Menu" and "Select" buttons until Apple logo appears. 

    Disk Mode

    - Inmediatly after Apple logo appears, press "Select" and "Play" buttons for a few seconds. 

    Plug in and wait for iTunes

    to tell you it needs to fully return the ipod to factory settings. 

    iTunes downloads

    some ipod things and.... we'll see it's still downloading.

    Got it from here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1363    

  • @Warofart: Cool! Let me know how it turns out.

  • @MonkeyGekko:

    It was all good, until I got a message saying "itunes could not fix your dumb ipod" (without the dumb). I don't know what to do. 
    Edit: R.I.P. iPod, the hd is done for. I didn't get the extra warranty though... how long is the Apple warranty?    
  • @Warofart: I'm sorry to hear that =/ I think the Apple warranty is one year, but you can read about it here
  • @MonkeyGekko: Thanks, I'm gonna put on my douchiest clothes and book an appoinment.

  • i'm sorry but my itunes crashes as well as expleor