Ringtone-Making Software?

Created by lilburtonboy7489 on March 15, 2012, 6:26 p.m.
  • Are there any good/free programs that I can get to make a ringtone? I don't care about features a whole lot, just something basic. I've done a lot of searching online, and most of them seem to cost money. Besides games, I don't know the last time I paid for software and I'm not about to start now. But at the same time, I won't illegally download anything either. 
    Any suggestions?
  • Well, there's this, or this, and if you're looking to make one for the desire(?) you'll be getting there's an awesome app called Ringdroid that lets you do it right on your phone.
  • awesome, thanks a lot!
    I didn't get the desire yet, i'm getting that in july. However, I did get a new phone to hold me over til then cuz mine is basically broken. It's the Samsung Messager Touch (SCH-r630). Damn nice dumbphone, but I do need some different ringtones to hold me over til july!
  • @lilburtonboy7489: You don't really need ringtone-specific software.  Just download any free audio editing program out there ( wavepad is what I personally use), make sure it's 20 seconds or less (at least, thats how it is for my phone.  I think for some you can just use any song and it plays it from the beginning or something) and convert to mp3 and lower the quality.  Bam, you're set.  I've done that with a few of my songs...almost have 90 ringtones to date.
  • @Matthew: @lilburtonboy7489:  Audacity is a good one too. 
  • I know one good free programm for creating and downloading mobile ringtones...

    just a second, my son told me...

  • You can in iTunes set the in and out point on any audio file. Set it to be no more than 30 seconds (I've heard it now works with 40 seconds as well but i haven't tried that.
    Convert the file in iTunes in the context menu to AAC.
    Reveal the file in Finder.
    Remove the file from iTunes. But choose to not delete it.
    Change extension from .m4a to .m4r.
    Add the file to iTunes.
    Sync to iPhone.
  • This is also a free site for Ringtones & better http://www.ringtonecreator.net/

  • You can set your favorite music as your iPhone ringtone. Try to convert the music file to set the iPhone ringtone. And use iTunes to set the tune to iPhone

  • There are also free apps for both Android and Iphone phones.

  • @ lilburtonboy.489 : You can use Tubemate to download mp3 from the internet to create your own ringtone: https://devianstudio.net/

  • You can create your own ringtone using the Vidmate app. With Vidmate, you can download the most interesting mp3 contents.

  • @gameappsbrasil said:

    You can create your own ringtone using the Vidmate app. With Vidmate, you can download the most interesting mp3 contents.

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