Cases for a Note 4

Created by ThePez79 on Aug. 17, 2015, 3:41 p.m.
  • I just got a Note 4 and I can't find any cases I like locally. Does anyone have any suggestions for a case that will offer decent protection without breaking the back. I've decided not to get another otterbox cause I don't want it being to bulky.


  • I got my Note 4 the day that it came out, so the only case available was the Samsung S View case. It was my first flip cover case, and I ended up not liking it. I still have it sitting around somewhere.

    I also had to insert a thin piece of metal under the battery cover for my magnetic phone colder I use in my car. For whatever reason that didn't seem to work all that well with the S View case.

    I usually go for a really thin case, but I ended up just going naked and it has survived rather well.

  • I have this one and I've never regretted getting it. It is pretty low on frills but is really good in its simplicity.

    It has a solid close and a really nice grippy surface. Its been really hard wearing so far with little aesthetic change over time. It's pretty easy to remove (and I do remove it quite a bit because I have a GearVR) and replace the phone. It doesn't add a ridiculous amount of bulk to the phone and it feels solid in your hand. The cover folds back around and allows you to prop your phone up to watch vids in a very stable way.

    I can definitely recommend this case (even though I don't normally do this in fears that you don't like it as much and resent me forever) ;)

    Not sure what you consider is a good price, but it was worth it so far.