Favorite Windows keyboard shortcuts that you use often

Created by goodwood on March 15, 2012, 6:34 p.m.
  • Ctrl + A : Select all 
    Ctrl + P : Print 
    Alt + F4 : Close window      
  • @goodwood said:

    " I wanted to make a thread to list keyboard shortcuts so people can show what they use and others can find new ones to start using. Ill just start it off with some basics that I use.
    Ctrl + C : Copy
    Ctrl + V : Paste

    These as well as Ctrl + A to Select All.
    Ctrl + Shift + U/I/B in Word to underline/italicize/bold text   
    Alt + F4 to change the color of my text in web browsers

    There are a crapload of others that I'm just too lazy to list right now. I'll add them in later.
  • @ALTF4_FOR_COLORS said:
    "Alt + F4 to change the color of my text"
    Thank you :)
  • Ctrl+A and the refresh button F5.
  • Pretty much just everything said here which are probably all the main ones anyway...
  • Copy and paste, refreshing the page. Also, Ctrl+A
  • The most useful shortcut I know--if it even counts as one--is to press the Windows key, type the name of the program, file, or setting I'm looking for into the search bar, use the arrow keys to find it (if it's not the first result), and press Enter to open it.
    Ctrl + C - Copy
    Ctrl + V - Paste
    Ctrl + B/U/I - Bold/italicize/underline
    Win + Any # Key - Start programs/switch between windows (if I recall correctly this is only a Windows 7 feature)
    In Firefox:
    Ctrl + T - New tab
    F5 - Refresh
  • @goodwood said:
    "Windows Key + D : go to the desktop  Alright people start adding any that you use at all."
    Why did I not know this before? It would have saved me so many embarrassing moments with nude ladies on the screen as the girlfriend walked in.....
  • Surprised by the lack of Ctrl + Alt + Del.  I also enjoy a good Alt + Shift + Print Screen for messing with people.
  • I just recently got used to Ctrl + A. That little fellow is a god send. 
  • There's also Alt + Print Screen if you only wanna take a screenshot of your current window.
  • Win+Pause - System Preferences
    Win+L - Lock the computer
    Win+E - Open Explorer
    Win+R - Run dialog
    Shift+Tab - Move to a previous field in a form or selection dialog
    Shift +Delete - Permanently delete (bypasses Recycle Bin)
    Shift+Drag - Drag a file onto an app in the taskbar to open it using that app (Win7 only)
    Ctrl+Tab - Switch windows within an application (browser tabs, Excel workbooks, etc.)
  •  Ctrl + R : Refresh
     Ctrl + T: Create new tab 
  • Windows + Tab for a prettier version of Alt + Tab :P
    Ctrl + Enter to bypass typing .com in the address bar
    Windows + Directional buttons to place the window in different sectors
  • These are the ones I use the most:
    Alt + F4 - To close
    F5 - To refresh  
    Ctrl + C - Copy
    Ctrl + V - Paste 
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del
    Ctrl + C
    Ctrl + V
  • @Toady00: Windows 7 sounds bananas. 
  • These are the ones I use the most:
    Crtl+z undo 
    Crtl+c copy
    Crtl+v paste
    windows key+R run
  • Ctrl + Shift + Escape, because I always find myself wanting to kill processes or check processor load. Alt + Tab just comes naturally but I've been using it a lot less with Windows 7 since Aero Peek does the job pretty well.
    edit: oh, and Win + L, which is great fun to do on someone else's computer during a lan party.
  • Win + T - Preview window 
    Win + M - Minimize window
  • windows has keyboard shortcuts?
  • @norman said:
    " Ctrl + Shift + Escape "
    Oh yeah that's a good one that I forgot about.
  • I use a lot of these (and to those that I do not, that's why this thread is now my favorite), but the one I use most frequently is Ctrl+ Shift+ T because I usually end up either accidentally closing something or deciding that there was something else I needed to look at on that page.
  • @SecondElection said:
    " These are the ones I use the most:Alt + F4 - To close F5 - To refresh   Ctrl + C - CopyCtrl + V - Paste  "
    and on yahoo mail
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  • Mostly  Ctrl C and Ctrl V. For Paint shop pro I use Ctrl Z (undo) and Ctrl D (deselect) quite a lot.