Most enjoyable application/program

Created by Waytofind on March 15, 2012, 6:29 p.m.
  • I think that most of us here use a computer in our daily lives so I was curious which is the application/program that brings you the most enjoyment?
    For me it definitely is Winamp coupled with MiniLyrics, a program that automaticly downloads the text of the song playing. I don't actually sing along with the songs (when sober at least) but i really enjoy seeing the lines of text scroll by.

  • @Waytofind: Will that work for every song.
  • Pretty much yeah, it is a user created database.
    edit: the program is not exclusive for winamp by the way.
  • Does bash count? I know it's kind of an elitist answer, but I just love the no-nonsense ability to get things done instantaneously and efficiently. I can check my mail, respond to an IM, start a download, and be back to writing in a text editor before Firefox even loads.
  • Google Chrome, simply because of how easy it is to search for things...  If I want to search youtube, I type "y" and hit tab, and I can search youtube from my browser bar.  This saves a page load or two, and is extremely convenient.  It tracks every single search engine I've ever used, so that I can use it straight from the browser bar.
  • Gomplayer, because i play video ALL THE TIME. its nice and shiny and plays everything. ooooh SHINY ONES
  • Tough question, @lane's answer is great - bash makes some tasks much simpler while being extremely powerful. Other than that, possibly TextMate - everything just works, and works really well - it's exceptionally simple, yet has every feature you could possibly want.
  • At any rate, I know what my least favorite piece of software is. I wrestle with this POS daily and I hate it so so so so so so so so so so so much.
  • I enjoy Aperture 3 immensely, which is good cause I do a lot of photography related work.  It's a sleek, pleasant interface and a relatively efficient tool to be working with.
  • I really enjoy using Logic as I do quite a bit of recording, however, the learning curve is pretty steep (compared to GarageBand).
  • Does the internet browser count?

  • I don't know. The question seems strangely worded. I don't really associate applications with how enjoyable they are, more how useful. unless video games count. In which case, them.