First IE9 details announced.

Created by SoulofaRobot on March 15, 2012, 6:26 p.m.
  • So Microsoft unveiled its plans for Internet Explorer 9 at MIX, and as expected announced HTML5 support, SVG, CSS3 and improved Javascript performance. So the question is does anyone still care about IE and will this be enough? Personally I'm inclined to say no on both counts but it's good to see them eventually start playing catch up, so what do you all think?
  • Both very hopeful for IE9 and also very pessimistic about it's adoption. IE is currently the bane of our office. We made a decision earlier this year to use CSS3 and it's really hurt the look of our sites in IE browsers. They're still absolutely functional, but lose all the rounded corners. Webkit (and Chrome in specific) has become the browser of choice for all the developers in the office. Not only is it the most forgiving when dealing with renders, but has the best tools for troubleshooting.
  • Another generation of crap? 
    If they adopt webkit, as a web developer, I'll be pleased. I wish Microsoft would just give up Internet Explorer permanently. It's not doing them any good to keep developing it.
  • SVG should have been supported ages ago. HTML 5 and CSS 3 support are obvious features that I couldn't see them not supporting. JavaScript... Are there performance issues with JavaScript in Internet Explorer, or is this just an enhancement? I don't use IE often enough to notice JS performance problems.
  • @LordAndrew: rebuilding the way the browser executes JS is the new fashionable thing for browsers to do, since the advent of Chrome.
  • No interest in IE9, still happy with FF.
  • I'm still content with Safari and won't be changing, but I think maybe MS should consider a rebranding?  The word Internet Explorer leaves a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths that won't be fixed even if they DO fix a lot of the problems with IE.
  • From what Microsoft has shown I think it definitely looks like IE is going in the direction they should be going. However I'm sticking with AOL seeing how I've been with them for over eight years now and I've been with them through thick and thin so why give up on them now?

  • Since I have XP and it won't be on it. I don't see that as a big reason to upgrade to 7 (forget about shita, I'll never touch that). Plus I'm content with FF at the moment.