Which slate/tablet do you plan on getting or are you interested in?

Created by GodSlam on March 15, 2012, 6:23 p.m.
  • The slate and Notion Ink Adam look and sound great, but I'm hoping that the Courier turns out better because I really like what they're leaking out and it just looks plain awesome.
  • Courier! Surprised to see it wasn't a poll choice! 
    It looks like such a phenomenal device - only concern is that it might be a bit too small for my liking - I liked when it *seemed* to be bigger.
  • At this point I'm not really interested in any. It looks like you'll need a carrying case for this stuff, so at that point I'd rather just carry my laptop which can do a lot more.
  • @Addfwyn said:

    " Well, the Courier is really borderline vaporware at the moment.  The only thing we know about that is from 3D renderings in a video.  The actual device could do absolutely none of those things, or all of them.  Really too hard to call. "

  • @Addfwyn: I can see it for a situation like you say, but personally I don't see a lot of use. If I can import, edit, and store HD video on one of these, then I'll be interested. But as someone who's only real artistic endeavors are in film, these devices don't appeal to me much.
    But yeah I can totally see it being great for what you say, I'd never thought of that before. 
  • ahhhh i really need a dark theme. this white is killing my eyes
    so far i've only seen the slate and ipad; slate being the more impressive of the two.
    i voted slate :D
  • @Addfwyn: Too true. It's a bit of a pipe dream to have something as portable as a tablet with the processing power and interface design to work well with video editing. It will forever remain a dream of mine though. :)
  • @Addfwyn: I'm right there with you, I'd like to see HTML5 take over. It'd make things much, much better. But for now we're dealing with Flash. It's not gonna completely go away for a few years at least. By then there will be another gen of slates and then we can debate about it more. I'd just like to see more people on my side for the Notion Ink. Hell, I'd just rather see no one buying the iPad. Not saying it's bad, just saying that it's a big iPhone+. That "+" doesn't symbolize much at all though. 
  • @godslam: I'm excited about all the devices, and while I am voting for iPad for the time being (I see some really strong potential for it in certain markets), I'm not sold on any device until I get to use it.  And of course, I haven't got to use an iPad yet.  The size actually makes a big difference for me from my iPhone, but that's for my very specific use (As I said before, using it as a portable photography portfolio, especially on the go).  It's gonna be about the apps for a lot of these devices, and we'll have to see what people make for both of them.   
    I wouldn't be surprised if I buy the iPad, use an Ink, and then buy one of those later.  Cause right now, it looks like the Ink is pretty far down the road.  So it'll probably replace an iPad for me if I really like it.  Not as likely that I would wait on buying the iPad to get one. 
  • Just finished watching this. 
    Turn on closed captioning for extra hilarity. Like, extra EXTRA hilarity.
  • @Addfwyn: That makes sense then. I can also see the iPad being better if you're using a Mac. Seems like everything would be seamless for transferring pictures to and from the iPad using your computer (or whatever kind of dongles they have that let you do that). I myself would only use one for either reading stuff or checking the web whilst I'm out and about. I also would like to have a blog and I'm not a fan of laptops. I have a feeling that I'd like a slate much more and therefore would be more willing to use it for blogging on-the-go. Also, whatever job I end up getting into, I'm sure it will come in handy somehow.
  • @godslam:  
    Yeah, I see all of them, except for some markets, being more of a specialized luxury.  I mean, the technology for them is awesome stuff, but not something that can't be replicated.  It's a matter if the convenience of not needing your laptop with you is enough for the price tag on the devices.  Which DOES seem markedly low for all of them, thus far.   
    I think it has a dongly thing for directly connecting to your camera.  I'd love to be able to be out in the field shooting pictures, plug my camera in to my iPad/Ink/<insert device here> and immediately send my pictures up to flickr from wherever I am.  I have one of those cool little Wi-fi SD cards, but this would be even more awesome I think.  Cause carrying a bunch of camera equipment is already heavy, I don't want to carry a laptop too if I can help it.
  • @Addfwyn: Exactly. I know that the iPad has an SD card dongle, but having a built-in SD port or even USB port would be nice. Another plus for the Ink. It has HDMI, SD and USB. I know I sound biased, it's not what I'm trying to do. I do love my iPod very much. I just feel like Apple should upgrade a bit. But hey, maybe they're saving it for next gen? Then they can wow us next year and we'll drop everything to get an iPad 2G. I guess it's just a waiting game for now. If I had the cash to get both, I might. The iPad would be nice because I already have a LOT of apps on my iTunes account. I almost feel like I'm wasting them by getting an Ink. I just wanna see another company give Apple and Microsoft a run for their money (which they already have enough of).
  • @godslam: No worries, I come across as an Apple fanboy half the time.  Which I prefer to think that I'm not (Apple fan, yes, not fanboy.  I like the distinction).   
    I could use an SD or USB port, yeah.  That is something I do wish the iPad had, but it isn't really a dealbreaker either.  If I had my way, I'd probably add a USB port, I don't mind using a dongle for SD cause not everyone has my needs.  I'd add an IR port too, but that's specifically for Japanese uses (IR ports are very common on phones and stuff here, people transfer all their contacts via IR on their phones most of the time.  Other methods tend to be unwieldy in Japan).  I'm very pleased (and surprised) that the 3G is a decent price and not locked into AT&T, I really was suspecting they would be.   
    I probably don't have the cash to get either, but I probably will anyway.  I'm a sucker for things like that, probably why I am on this site.  I think if the Ink were coming out right now, it'd be a really tough call for me, but with the iPad coming out and the Ink still being distant, it's really hard to wait.  Especially when I see folks walking around with them, the tech-lust will get the better of me.
  • @Addfwyn: Saying that you'd add a USB port almost makes me want to get an iPad and try to do that. Think it'd work? Anyways, those are dealbreakers for me. SD is getting up there in size now. I think they have 32GB ones and that's a bunch more space. Also, the USB may be good for putting movies on an external HDD and watching stuff or streaming it to a TV through the HDMI port. But to each his own. You need stuff for photos, which the iPad will do easily. And then with the apps? Heck, you may have a ton more options opened up. I watch a bunch of movies and stuff, so the HDMI port on the Ink will fit me much better. 
  • @godslam: I could certainly find use for the USB, though I think most of my needs can be met via the dongle-USB thing it has (at least, that's how it syncs to computers, so I assume the same).  While an HDMI port may be nice, I dunno how much I'd use it.  Certainly could be great for presentations and stuff (which I am curious how the iPad will handle.  We already know it has Keynote capability, so it must have some means of connecting to a projector.  Kinda silly to have a PPT editor without the ability to connect to a projector), but if I'm at home I'm not gonna be using the iPad to sync stuff to my TV.  My PS3 already runs as a media server when I'm not gaming, so that's already set up better for the task.  Of course, that's just my particular setup. 
    Yeah, I've seen some pretty cool potential apps for some tablet devices already.   Inkling looks really really awesome for education.  For the iPad presumably right now, but if it takes off I bet you'll see an android port by the time Ink drops.  
  • I love the look of the Microsoft Courier 

  • @Jadeskye: Looks cool, but I'd prefer something with one screen. Slates are supposed to make things easier and more convenient. Two screens makes it seem big and possibly annoying.
  • @godslam: a fair point.
  • I really, really, really wanted to pick up an iPad with the deposit refund I just recently got from AT&T.  Unfortunately my 46" VIZIO teleivision bit the dust shortly after the check arrived, but, you know what?  I now have a 40" Samsung, and I think I've fallen in love.
  • Im not convinced by the Ipad, something is putting me off.
  • I'd be significantly more interested by the iPad if it had a great pen device for input.  Otherwise, it's not quite doing it for me.
  • @david:  
    I wouldn't be surprised to see the peripheral, a lot of the technology for those is in the pen, and it could probably work with multi-touch just fine.  I know some people have expressed interest in developing one.  The degree that it can handle pressure sensitivity would be where I would be curious.  But for simple writing, I would not be surprised to see apps and pen accessories that did just that.

  • Ehh I kind of like the Slate. It looks like it would be a better product for the price...but it is still way out of my league.