Unknown connector for pc case front panel LED display

Created by Titaniumhand on July 13, 2017, 2:22 p.m.
  • Hi folks. I've recently moved my old Pc's hardware to another bigger, roomier, better ventilated case with an LED display. There's a ribbon cable going from this to a motherboard, but I can't remember what the connector is. I also don't have the motherboard I used it with now. It's an inch long with 22 pins. The 3rd pins are blaned off and empty. Anyone know what this is and if there's an adapter for it? I think the it displayed the time, date and maybe CPU and fan info. Thanks in advance. Nick.

  • No idea what you could be talking about without any frame of reference. How old of a computer are we talking about here? Do you have a pictures? What motherboard and case are you using. What are you trying to hook up exactly? Could you find a reference of this cable type online? You say LED display, are you trying to hook up the computer to the newer Display?