Trying to find out more about "supportsea"

Created by Flaxinator1969 on Feb. 5, 2017, 9:21 a.m.
  • Hi, my Dad has his laptop freeze and the screen had a box on that said to contact "supportsea" which he did and spent £80 and they had control of his laptop for nearly 3hrs. I've tried google searching this company, for reviews etc, I can't find out very much about it, this reeks of scam to me, but can't find any reviews good or bad about them, only details about the website it's self and not the service they provide.
    Dad has contacted his bank etc to tell them what happened so they can monitor his transactions etc.
    Hoping somebody has heard of them good or bad

    Paul F

  • hey Paul, that sounds super suspicious and just the fast that there is no info to find on the company within a couple of searches raises even more flags. I think you did the right thing but I d recommend taking your Dad s laptop to some real techrats in his area and have it set up fresh. Monitoring the account is good councel too. Hope you wont get any bad surprises