VPN on server (Tunnelbear)

Created by jojonl on Jan. 30, 2017, 12:38 a.m.
  • Thanks to Tested sponsoring I'm enjoying a nice Tunnelbear subscription which works just perfectly.

    But with chromecast it doesn't work. I use the vpn mainly for Youtube because a lot of video's are blocked over here.

    I thought I had the solution by adding a PC between the incoming line and the router. It has 2 networkcards. So I thought I could just have that PC connect to tunnelbear and everything connected to the router would automatically use that same connection because it's on the shared connection.

    With Tunnelbear turned off, the connection is just fine, no bottlenecking or lag what-so-ever. When I turn it on, the 'server pc' still has internet, but the router doesn't. What could I be doing wrong?

  • no idea mate, Im sorry. I had a TunnelBear subscription but cancelled it after it failded to do what it was advertisted to do. Same experience, kinda. Worked fine until the big corps changed their web infrastructure and block Tunnelbear now. So my guess is that you suffer from Google actually blocking TunnelBear from Working. And if a VPN can be blocked, why pay for it?

  • @bbwolf: thanks for the reply mate. But TunnelBear works fine. I'm actually trying to do something they're not advertising.
    Google isn't blocking Tunnelbear. The server PC can connect to everything. I think the problem is, Windows sucks at being a router :-D