laptop suggestions...?

Created by jjhoc on Oct. 21, 2016, 9 p.m.
  • hey guys,

    i am a starting university next year and i am going to need a powerful yet light laptop for my time there, i am going to needing to run apps like adobe photoshop and premiere cs6 ,while running Word and google at the same time.

    i would also really like this computer to be able to run basic games like league of legends and Overwatch.

    one of the major factors is the computer needs is portability, light weight(13-inch preferably). because i am going to be doing alot of travel, and dont want the computer to weigh down my bag to much


    light weight

    high-res display

    256gb ssd

    good multitasking.

    i am currently running the Lenovo think-pad yoga 11e and it is just to bulky for my needs.

    Thanks for the help jjhoc

  • @jjhoc: I hate to say it - but this sounds like a Mac. Have you looked at those?

  • @MantaBase: i have considered them but i am look for a mac alternative as i am primary a window/android user

  • I love my Surface Pro 4. It has 256GB plus an SD card reader for expansion.

    I can't speak for Premiere, but Photoshop runs well, and VMware Workstation runs up to two guests before I start noticing an issue.

    May be a bit pricey with keyboard, but it has never let me down.