Moorebot, a SUPERCUTE home robot with A real eye

Created by ellafengy on Aug. 31, 2016, 12:54 a.m.
  • I just came back from Singapore. One of my friends there showed me a very cute robot. He tells me a lot about it. Are you into robot? which kinda of robot do you like best?

    here is what he shares with me:

    Moorebot is a fully customizable voice interactive robot that delivers tremendous value, convenience and very cool fun to home, business and shops. Moorebot's behaviors including voice, mechanics, and LED display are controlled by an internal mapping engine. That means it is very easy to achieve customized behavior by altering the mapping.

    Possibilities are endless. The Moorebot Developer Edition allows you to take control of the robot behavior and design to what you like it to be. With purchase of Moorebot Developer Edition, you will have direct access to full technical support from our team.

    Know moer:

  • You are find it on the Indiegogo now: